UES Ladies Lingerie Jogger Guy Revealed

eliot2.jpg Our attempt to track down some info on UES Ladies Lingerie Jogger Guy proved to be easier than expected, thanks to the fact that just about everyone in the neighborhood has seen him and he’s apparently been at it for years. Thanks to everyone who hit the comments section here, and thanks to Curbed for spotlighting our quest for further info — they have a bunch of good comments as well.

Everyone who spoke up seems to agree that the gent is ‘Elegant’ Elliot Offen, (picture here via Cracked.com) a sometimes Howard Stern guest who lives in Forest Hills but visits Manhattan to do his exhibitionist jogging. His MySpace page is here. What does he look like while doing his ‘jogging’? One Curbed commenter described Offen’s get-up like this:

He looks like Abby Hoffman at his hairiest, with face scruff and longish curly dark hair, and every time I saw him he was wearing an underwire cup, bone-corseted thong in a circus acrobat magenta with fishnets. It’s truly breathtaking, or beer-spitting if you happen to be sitting at Doc Watson’s when he goes by.

Anyone have any idea when he’s going to hit the streets again?


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3 responses to “UES Ladies Lingerie Jogger Guy Revealed

  1. A Wolf

    I am the awolf who requested that 78thand2nd do a piece on this freak. So I want to thank all who provided info on him.

    I can now walk the streets of the UES no longer scratching my head wondering who this jogger is.


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