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Cool Tech: NYC Subway Google Map Hack

Found via our friend at SecondAveSagas, check out’s NYC Subway Google Map Hack if you’re in need of a quick and comprhensive look at the subway and PATH systems. The site’s owner is attempting an upgrade but is running into some roundblocks from the MTA. Read about the dust-up here.



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Find The Best Parking In The Neighborhood


Here’s a cool site for all you car owners who pay to park — check out the recently launched (it’s actually a relaunch of with some new features according to Curbed) which allows you to calculate parking rates and includes a mobile version.

Cool New Thing: Upgrade [Curbed]

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If Only There Were A Social Networking Site To Connect Republicans With Women Who Liked…

LateNightShots, according to their website, is a “closed social network which allows you to explore Washington DC’s social landscape and bar scene.”  The “closed social network” part sounds like a crappy bar, with a dick bouncer.  But this “exploring DC’s social landscape” part sounds interesting, maybe we could sneak in and make some new friends, right? 

Well, then there’s this, which is part of a scathing cover story in the Washington City Paper on the closed social networking site: [the site is for] “UNC grads who work hard to maintain that special mix of date rape, shitty beer, and racial homogeneity that is the Georgetown nightlife.” Date rape types, shitty beer, racial homogeneity — I live on the Upper East Side, so I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about, but go on and make a point that makes sense to me.

Here’s part of the Washington City Paper story, which opens with a sit-down with three members of the site:

The three guys sitting at the bar at Town Hall in Georgetown swear it’s a true story: A friend of theirs called a buddy in the middle of a sexual conquest, placing his cell phone out of view. When the voice mail picked up, it recorded him asking his lady, “You like that Republican cock?”

The guys are wearing golf shirts and drinking Miller Lites. They’ve been telling raunchy tales about what happens after dark in Georgetown, playing toward expectations. They know I’m a reporter on assignment. At first, the sordid tales of preppy hookups just make me laugh.

Then the bearded one in the middle busts out with this: “Do you like anal sex?” I squint. I’m confused. “Do you do anal?” he repeats, head bobbing with excitement. The litany continues. Do I want to take it in the ass? Have I ever taken it in the ass? My silence is taken as an affirmative and he announces that this interview will go no further unless he receives a hand job. I retreat into a hole carved out during similar sessions in high school and head for the door.

Republican cock, anal on the first meeting, no ones leaves until a hand job is given — I know what you’re thinking — it sounds classy, but why should i care? Online reports go on to say the site is expanding to three markets, and by one account, the markets are suspected to be: Charlotte, Atlanta and…wait for it…yeah, New York.

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Holy Crap, Google Debuts ‘Street View’

Google Maps unveiled a new feature Tuesday called “Street Views”, which as you may guess, gives you a real life street image of addresses entered into Google maps. 

I gave it a test run and typed in “78th and 2nd, 10021” and found the addresses it offered back were slightly off — I went through a few news stories via Google news on “Street Views” and found some similar user experiences — but the images of the building, street, etc. are dead accurate. 

Pretty scary and insanely cool at the same time.  Here’s the image:



Girlfriend came home last night and said she and her friends at work were using the “Street Views” yesterday with basically the same results (Girlfriend says the street #s weren’t off as bad).

The two-dimensional “Street Views” is currently offered in five cities, allowing users a navigation of New York City (nice), San Francisco (ditto), Las Vegas (um…why? to get an awesome shot of the street hookers?), Miami (you’d prob get a better user rate if you’d launched the service in the middle of the ocean) and Denver (that’s a shame, i’m pretty sure Colorado doesn’t have the Internet yet.).

I’m not sure why smart cities like Boston, Seattle, Chicago and Austin, Texas weren’t involved in the roll-out, but if you take everyone in the Google orgainzation combined, they’re probably, all together, smarter than me.  So, I’ll assume those cities (and prob everywhere else) are coming.

The Google “Street Views” announcement was made at the Where 2.0 conference held this week in San Jose, Calif.  The effort seems to be in response to Microsoft’s “Virtual Earth” which was revealed last year.

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