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UES ‘Cash Cow Coffee Shop’ For Sale

This ad, attempting to attract buyers to a “Cash Cow Coffee Shop” on the Upper East Side, recently hit our inbox. 

A pristine and trendy cafe opened in 1998. It has a full kitchen and espresso bar, and provides all manner of coffee, espresso, cold drinks, pastries and panini. The lease is valid through April 2012. The owner purchased all new equipment (oven, stove, refrigerators, bakery cases) when he opened the cafe. The owner works full-time in the business and also has 3 full-time and 1 part-time employees. Although small, the charm of the facility is able to generate a very high revenue per square foot.

Asking Price Range: $250K – $500K
Gross Revenues: $312,010
Cash Flow: $147,919
Cash Flow Type: Sellers Discretionary Cash
Inventory: $80,000
Seller Financing: Yes

About The Business
Year Established: 1998
Number of Employees: 4 – 5
Relocatable: No
Franchise: No
Current Real Estate: Leased
Property: Property For Lease

The only thing, no location details. So, where is this!?  Please hit the comments with educated (or uneducated) guesses.

Cash Cow Coffee Shop – Upper East Side [Globalbx]


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UES Ladies Lingerie Jogger Guy


Recently, 78thand2nd reader ‘awolf’ emailed in and asked: “Why don’t you do a piece on that guy who jogs on the UES in ladies lingerie?”

Excellent question awolf.  I would love to do many, many posts on him.  The problem is that a picture — or even better, video — is really what’s needed in this case.

I guess I could tell about the time 3 weeks ago when i was eating at Bardolino’s sidewalk cafe and he sprinted by — at which point a woman and her child shrieked and two 20-something ‘headed to Brother Jimmys’ types sprinted after him — and lingerie guy basically had everyone on the block mesmerized.  But it’s something you really have to see to believe.  Like the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot, they’ll be doubters until i come up with some hard proof.  Plus a picture will be so much funnier.

 So – please – if anyone out there gets a picture, or video, or knows anything about “UES ladies lingerie jogger guy” please hit the comments section or email me –  I’d like to do a post a day on him if possible.


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Guest Blogging On Curbed


Being a big fan of the NY real estate blog Curbed I jumped at the invitation to sit in and guest blog with them for a week — and that week is here.  Updates to 78thand2nd for the next 5 days will most likely consist of many links to the Curbed stories i take part in, as well as some additional, stand alone posts here.

So, as always, please hit me at if you have any UES neighborhood tips (and for this week any REAL ESTATE or general NY tips).

And check out Curbed.


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Fireworks In The Park

If you were just thinking “I hope someone uploads a low res, badly-lit, minute and a half video of the finale from Tuesday night’s fireworks at the New York Philharmonic in Central Park” – guess what?  You prayers have been answered. 


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Con Ed Says Blackouts Possibly Due To Thunderstorms, Lightning


Con Ed was still working today to get power back to approximately 18,000 customers in Westchester County and 11,000 customers in Queens, after yesterday’s blackout, which did all the fun things power outages do — cripple neighborhoods, stop subway service, disable traffic lights, etc.

Ultimately, Con Ed estimates that service was interrupted for 136,700 customers (approximately 385,000 people) in the southwest Bronx and sections of the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

So, what exactly happened?

According to a statement on the energy company’s website, the cause of Wednesday’s blackout is basically unknown, but they suspect the thunderstorms and possibly lightning strikes played a part.

From Con Ed:

The company is examining data and equipment to help determine what caused the outage. In addition, engineers are examining possible links between the outage and lightning strikes in the area. It appears that there were several strikes near a transmission substation in Queens at, or near, the time of the event.

Con Edison’s initial findings show that the event occurred quickly — in less than 10 seconds — and involved multiple transmission lines.

Dude, come on. “It was raining and lightning out” was an excuse I would use with my mother when I was late for dinner when I was about 8.

Maybe they’ll find out there was some faulty equipment, mabye it really was a huge lightning strike — whatever the cause — it’s “Power Outage Season” so Con Ed gave out some tips on what to do if there’s another. (Warning – it’s a PDF)

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“Upper East Side Rich White Vanilla”

Take offense to that?

It’s the name of one of the offerings from local boutique ice cream company 5 Boroughs Ice Cream. The company ran into hot water today due to the name given to another one of their flavors – “Staten Island Landfill.”

Kim and Scott Myles, the Queens couple who founded 5 Boroughs said they intended no harm with “Landfill” name, according to AP.  But Staten Island borough president James Molinaro is ppiisssseeeddddd off.  He says the moniker is “insulting and derogatory,” and he’s calling for a boycott. 

Via AP:

“The stereotyping of our community is as ignorant as it is hurtful,” the infuriated politician wrote. “Even the most basic research effort would easily reveal the positive qualities that truly define our community.”

Hey dude, you live in Staten Island, feel lucky they remembered you.  Every time I’m in a conversation that includes listing the boroughs it goes something like this:

“The five boroughs?  Yeah, there’s Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and…….ah….hmmm.”

And 30 minutes later someone says “the landfill place…ah…Staten Island.”

More accounts of anger:
Pol: Say No To ‘Staten Island Landfill’ Ice Cream [CBS]
Politican Soured on Trashy Dessert [NY Times]


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Dog Size Matters

Dog owners are coming to blows over a new canine park on the UES, which the city is moving from East 60th to 63rd according to NY magazine. The problem? The new park isn’t separated by dog size.

From NY mag:

“On the Upper East Side, purse-dog capital of America, that’s a problem. Lori Light, owner of a nine-pound Maltese named Rupert, has taken a dog census of 103 buildings near the park. The result (small dogs: 1,148; big dogs: 328) shows, she says, that “78 percent of the dog population is getting less than 19 percent of the space.”

The impressive part of all this is that someone has time to poll 103 buildings. Between work, watching Mary Ann’s windows and hiding my checkbook, I barely find time to eat breakfast.



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