UES Surgeon Might Have Gorgeous Playboy Model Supporter

I noticed someone using the name “Lori Zennario” commented on the 78th and 2nd “UES Surgeon Gets License Suspended, Allegedly Smokes Meth With Patient” post.

User’s comment:

I am writing on behalf of Dr. Brad Jacobs, who is a very professional, caring and respectable doctor. I have been a patient and friend of Dr. Jacob’s for 14 years now and I have never known him to be unethical or indecent. I believe in his innocence.

“I have been a patient and friend of Dr. Jacob’s for 14 years now” – i thought that was interesting, someone who might have an insider perspective, so i did a quick Google search and found that there’s a Lori Zennario who is a former Playboy model, and she looks like this:


Pic from this NSFW picture here.

I have no way of knowing if the user who posted the comment is actually named Lori Zennario or if it is, if she is the one who was in Playboy — but if so — I’m going to throw in the towel and say that this blog peaked at roughly 6:04 PM on June 25, when she was logged on to 78th and 2nd.



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30 responses to “UES Surgeon Might Have Gorgeous Playboy Model Supporter

  1. Ava

    So I know for a fact that Dr. Jacobs uses an escort service frequently in New York, bodymiracle.com. I only know this because I’m in the adult industry here in L.A. and a few of my girlfriends work through BM. One of them recently had breast surgery done and she has seen him on multiple occasions. She says that she doesn’t mind, but it was a little weird because in his office his wife was there, and she has no clue what so ever that he’s sleeping with escorts. But over all, she says he is nice and that he did a good job. She doesn’t care if he is paying to sleep with her. So if he is sleeping with escorts, that doesn’t mean he is doing a bad job.

  2. Jazz

    I have a friend that went to see Dr Brad Jacobs in Nov of last year which he seriously and royally botch up her implant exchange. (Yes, I went with her for her consul and surgery and all of her meetings with him) She had to have one remove in Jan 2007 and walk around with one implant and a half of breast for 6 months before any more surgery can be done. She has to have at least 2 more surgeries to correct what he done wrong. Both implants has to be remove and on top of it all she now needs reconstructed surgery on her breast. As to when she went to him all she needed were implants exchange.
    I also know 2 women that has party (done drugs) with this doctor and both said that he got high with them the night before he was to be in his office early in the morning to perform surgery on some of his patients.
    My friend and I found this out after her Nov surgery and confronted his office with it.
    I myself have spoken with Dr Jacobs about my girlfriend surgery and he didn’t have much to say and seem to be high on drugs. He just continue to repeat the same response over and over again

    My girlfriend asked him to pay another specialist to fix her implants and he refuse. If this doctor meant well he would have paid to have his mistake fix. My belief is that he paid special attention to the ones he had affairs with or personally wanted too have some type of relationship with. (That is only my belief. I just can’t figure out how one doctor within the span that he committed malpractice could do so much damage to so many women if he wasn’t high on drugs at the time of surgery or knew what he was doing. From the photos he presented to us he had to know what he was doing. The women in the photos looked good and they was models.) We have came to the conclusion that he was high during my girlfriend surgery. They give us an excuse as to why we couldn’t see him right before the surgery.
    Something more I found strange were the fact when my girlfriend ask to see her implants they refuse and give her a shoot of valiums right then in front of me to keep her from insisting any farther. The doctor that did her implants years before showed her the unopened box with her implants in them. This doctor was doing things a little different from most plastic surgeons.

    I know most doctors that has been in practice over the years has had malpractice lawsuits file against them. This doctor has 25 lawsuits which I found on the internet 24 he settle out of court and 1 that he lost in court over a 10 year period. You can find approx 15 or more or these lawsuits in the last few years.
    I have no idea why the NY State Board of Professional Medical Conduct.. The New York state of health didn’t investigate and suspend his license and investigate him earlier. If they had of Most of the women including my friend wouldn’t have been harm by Dr. Jacobs.
    When any doctor commit as many malpractice lawsuits as he did something is wrong.

  3. pam

    Dr jacobs is agood doctor i am a model who is very pleased with his work and so are my friends.Lets be real, every dr. has lawsuits some you here about most you dont.There are all kinds that go to plastic surgeons some claims are legit and some are not.some women are never happy no matter what you do.

  4. pam

    responding: to jazz, so your friend went to dr jacobs to fix her implants that another dr messed up?.

  5. lisa

    i know lori zennario and she is a wonderful beautiful girl. so what if she had some plastic surgery and thank god she supports her doctor. if she didn’t she would be a real idiot. dr. jacobs is a nice guy, who has done some beautiful work. no one knows what goes on behind closed doors and some women want what they want and when they are done they look like freaks, not because the doctor screwed up but because they got what they asked for. and i am sure there are lots of surgeons that get sued, and because they aren’t in NYC no one gives a crap.

  6. a victim

    Brad is a rapist. I’ve known him since he grew up in Long Island. For all you bimbos who think he’s “nice” you should HEAR how he talks about you. He laughs at how stupid you are. He loathes women, and likes you under anesthesia and on valium where he can have total control. Or maybe cause his mother was always on valium too.

  7. beauty

    Whoever wrote he is a rapist is jealous because he never gave you any sex! he laughed at you I am sure! You should never talk about somebodys mom just because you dont have one

  8. sexy

    I know Lori she is a beautiful Playboy Model! Just look at her. She did her research and found the best Doctor. Dr. Brad Jacobs

  9. formerpatient

    he messed me up something awful. he put in way too large of implants for my small frame, and way way larger than i had asked for. i looked like a freak show and he got belligerent and nasty when i told him i was unhappy. i was also in constant pain from the botched job.

  10. Maria

    I had breast augmentation by Dr Brad Jacobs and he did a fantastic job. I am extremely pleased with the results. Who really cares about his personal life or what rumors are being said… bottom line is some women are never happy and it wouldnt have mattered who did the surgery. They have to realize that each person heals differently and that will affect the results not always the doctor. The complaints I see are “my breasts are too large”… get real… you get breast augmentation because you want bigger breasts to begin with. Plus no doctor will place bigger implants in you then was agreed upon and signed prior to surgery.

  11. Upset Patient

    Can anyone help me?

    I was a patient of Dr. Jacobs. I still need follow up treatment. Does anybody know if Dr. Jacobs has a colleague that his patients can see?

    Or has anyone heard of a surgeon who is willing to take care of Dr. Jacobs patients?

    This is such a mess.

    Thank you for any help you can offer.

    I hope everyone heals and feels better as soon as is possible.

    • sue

      Not sure if all of you found the Surgeon you needed to fix what he did to you but I had severe problems from him as well. I just had my 3rd surgery to reconstruct my breasts since Dr Jacobs performed my surgery.
      I know these posts are old so most of you probably found someone. I know in my case there were very few plastic surgeons in NY that were willing to try and fix Dr Jacobs work on me. After thousands of dolllars in consult fees I was recommended to Dr. Stephen Colen. He is amazing at reconstructions and the most capable surgeon. I strongly suggest you see him if you are still looking.

  12. jessica shue

    Dr. jacobs is a fantastic plastic surgeon! I have had my “breasts” for 8 years and people still comment on how real they look and feel. Dr. Jacobs is not God, so he is not perfect. If he has or had a drug problem, maybe instead of condemning him , someone should help him.

  13. elias

    i know lori before she was in playboy she was very innocent and honest, and real hot,cause she worked for me in my jewelry store she is a lady that doesnt know how to lie.. lori its me ily if u still remember 1990….

  14. I appreciate your site very much. Will bookmark. Keep up to marvelous info on it. Thanks

  15. Albogirl

    Upset patient…Dr.Taranow is who is fixing Dr.Jacobs mistakes.

  16. Your webLog is one of my favorite. I m gonna read more, ty for info. Keep working on it.

  17. Loads of appreciation for your interesting write up! I find your blog post very interesting, I believe you are a excellent writer. I actually added this website to my favorites and surely will return again. Continue the truly great job!

  18. I had a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction from Dr. Jacobs in 1998. The tuck looks decent- but the liposuction is not good. He sucked to much out near the hips- so I am left with indentions and would need fat transfers to correct it. My legs are uneven- I wish he was still in business so I could get these issues corrected.

  19. Dr jacobs is agood doctor i am a model who is very pleased with his work and so are my friends.Lets be real, every dr. has lawsuits some you here about most you dont.There are all kinds that go to plastic surgeons some claims are legit and some are not.some women are never happy no matter what you do.

  20. jacobs is a lowlife


  21. Not all diamond jewelry stores are the same so check reviews first before buying on a jewelry store,;’

  22. Porphyria

    Dr. Brad Jacobs performed my friend’s breast enlargement surgery 17 years ago and wow what a beautiful job he did and she said, since she now needs a replacement, that she would go to noone else for this. He does amazing work – he may have made some mistakes (I’m not talking about rape – i hope that’s not true) but I’ll bet most of his issues relate to numbers, the more surgery one does, the more issues there will be.

  23. Sue

    Your an idiot if you truly believe he is a good surgeon and are pathetic if you are still defending the man years later. He hurt a lot of women and your defense of him is not what people need at this point.
    Women are looking for help on this website to fix what he did to them.
    Express your opinions on him being a good surgeon elsewhere.
    It’s insulting.
    He does not do amazing work.
    He has no medical license.
    He is lucky that’s all the punishment he got.
    He should be in prison.

  24. in the know

    In 1996, I was a model and had several friends who went to Dr. Jacobs for surgery (one girl even worked in his office to pay off one of her treatments). I fortunately had perfect perky B breasts and a super fit body so had no need to augment anything. I did however have some discoloration on the skin on my back and went to Dr. Jacobs for a few fruit acid peels. He did a few on my face that went well but on my back he used a stronger concentration and he made a scar.
    It is now long gone but when I called back to explain what had happened the following day, I never received a reply or call back.
    As for his implants, I heard many, many complaints about him going too large.
    Several acquaintances got at least one cup size larger than they requested. He usually said it was swelling and it would go down a size but in reality it was just his preference.
    As for his drug use, I never saw it but he did act strangely at times. Very impatient and arrogant; he was really into strippers and Playboy models and I can without a doubt see him taking advantage of his professional position.
    I am so glad that I had no need for his services other than as a dermatologist and count myself extremely lucky to have avoided this mess.
    One thing that did strike me about Dr. Jacobs was that he was EXTREMELY FOCUSED ON THE MONEY. And this is a bit of a red flag in his profession. He is in the health care business and his patients should come first and although plastic surgery is generally an elective surgery he should still focus on the “care” part and not just the profit margin.

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