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These Guys Attacked An 81 Year Old


There’s been a disturbing upswing in push-in muggings in the neighborhood in the past 6 months — including an incident in 78thand2nd’s building, about a month ago, when a woman was shoved into her apartment and attacked by a guy who followed her in through the front door of the building.

Helping to move the trend forward, the assholes pictured above, just last week, attacked an 81-year-old man on 86th in a push-in robbery, according to the NY Post.

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UES Links

Will Three Guys Diner (on Madison) be the next spot to shutter due to high rents? [NY Daily News]
NYC ‘no trans fats’ deadline approaches, eateries on schedule [AP via MSNBC]
Two officers in UES accident this morning [ABC news]
Rape Rap vs. Teacher’s Aide [NY Post]

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UES Surgeon Might Have Gorgeous Playboy Model Supporter

I noticed someone using the name “Lori Zennario” commented on the 78th and 2nd “UES Surgeon Gets License Suspended, Allegedly Smokes Meth With Patient” post.

User’s comment:

I am writing on behalf of Dr. Brad Jacobs, who is a very professional, caring and respectable doctor. I have been a patient and friend of Dr. Jacob’s for 14 years now and I have never known him to be unethical or indecent. I believe in his innocence.

“I have been a patient and friend of Dr. Jacob’s for 14 years now” – i thought that was interesting, someone who might have an insider perspective, so i did a quick Google search and found that there’s a Lori Zennario who is a former Playboy model, and she looks like this:


Pic from this NSFW picture here.

I have no way of knowing if the user who posted the comment is actually named Lori Zennario or if it is, if she is the one who was in Playboy — but if so — I’m going to throw in the towel and say that this blog peaked at roughly 6:04 PM on June 25, when she was logged on to 78th and 2nd.


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UES Cop Gets Busted By Undercover Cop He Thought Was A Hooker

An off-duty NYPD sergeant — who’s assigned to the Upper East Side — was busted while soliciting an undercover cop he thought was a hooker, according to the New York Post.

From the Post

Sgt. Alan Eskenazi, 48, a 15-year veteran, allegedly offered a cop $20 for oral sex at 11 p.m. Thursday, according to a Criminal Court compliant.

Eskenazi, assigned to the 19th Precinct on the Upper East Side, was charged with patronizing a prostitute.

That’s got to be awkward when you have to show back up to work, as a cop, after being arrested, by a cop, for doing things you’re actually supposed to be stopping, not doing.  Great to hear he’s stationed on the UES.

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Hit and run on 88th and 94th []
Eddie Murphy in UES Barney’s window [NY Post]
Residents of 10021 ZIP code are the biggest fashion buyers on Ebay [mcall]
A sit down with Blue Moon Café (there’s one on 1st and 75th) CEO []

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Want Paris Hilton’s Ass?

I don’t either, but Dr. Brad Jacobs seems to be the guy to call if this ever sounds like a good idea to you. Dr. Jacobs is the UES plastic surgeon who allegedly did all this. And while all that is disturbing, below is something equally disturbing if you’re of sound mind. It’s a procedure Dr. J has dubbed “Star Butts” which he unveiled last November at his upper east side office.

According to The Columbia Journalist:

By taking fat from a patient’s upper hips, purifying it, and then injecting it into the patient’s butt, Jacobs says he can “customize the buttocks” to match Paris Hilton’s or even Eva Longoria’s. The popular procedure, also known as a Brazilian butt lift, has been renamed by Jacobs to convey his added artistry. He calls it “Star Butts.”

I’d recommend anyone considering this procedure to inquire deeply on what the doc calls “added artistry,” because he allegedly has been known to super-size body parts on occasion.

The doc is fighting the claims against him.

What A Boob [New York Post]

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UES Surgeon Gets License Suspended, Allegedly Smokes Meth With Patient

Dr. Brad Jacobs, whose offices are located at 55 E 86th, had his medical license suspended yesterday for doing un-surgeon like things — like allegedly having sex and smoking meth with a patient, and completely botching breast jobs — according to multiple reports.

From the Sun:

Upper East Side plastic surgeon had his medical license suspended after results from an investigation released yesterday alleged that he and a patient had sex and smoked crystal methamphetamine.

Investigators [say he] committed 19 separate acts of medical and moral misconduct involving 10 patients.

And from the Daily News:

The suspension follows several complaints from patients and a lawsuit filed in March 2006 by three women who said he made their breasts so big they fell apart.

Jacobs was charged with repeatedly supersizing implants for women who went to him for breast enhancements.

The doctor’s lawyer says the allegations were unfounded, according to the articles.

Breast implants too big? Manhattan plastic surgeon is suspended [am New York]

Besides all the above, Dr. Jacobs can make your ass look like Paris Hilton’s or Eva Longoria’s. [78th and 2nd]


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