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Bar Vespa Unveils Its Shiny Redness, Enoteca Di Leonardo Opens


How are those budding UES wine bars coming along, you ask? Well:  

1)  Last time we checked in on Bar Vepsa there wasn’t much to show — and now look at it!  It sits at 1609 2nd Ave., in all its unabated red glory.  Yes, it’s very, very red…and that’s quite a font they’ve got going on…and now I’ll always know what time it is when I’m on 2nd.  And it would appear they’re ahead of the “probably next year” opening we were told back in early August.

 2) Enoteca Di Leonardoa new wine bar on 2nd Ave., between 81st and 82nd, kept good on its promise to “open soon” when it was unveiled last Friday.  A peek inside after the jump.

UES Wine Bar Trend Continues [78thand2nd]
The (Almost) UES Wine Bar Trend [78thand2nd]

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Penang To Close, Maggie Moo’s Exits For Bayside


More closings in the neighborhood:

1) Penang: Malaysian spot Penang, on 2nd at 83rd, is the latest victim of a rent hike according to a sign on its front door.  The restuarant, which is about a block away from the former DT UT, which suffered the same fate last last month, is set to close Thursday

2) Maggies Moo’s:  Tipster Rob points out that ice cream spot Maggie Moo’s, on 2nd at 75th, has packed up shop. The possible Pinkberry casuality has a sign on its former spot that reads “we’ve moved to Bayside.”  No word on what might be heading in. 

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UES Wine Bar Trend Continues


Pushing the UES wine bar trend forward is Enoteca Di Leonardo, which is “coming soon” according to the sign outside of the 2nd Ave spot (between 81st and 82nd) pictured above.  The bar seems to be attached to Leonardo da Vinco Restorante, the Italian restaurant to the left, which was closed for four days but was scheduled to be back open Thursday (it wasn’t).  A peak inside reveals Leonardo’s tables stacked and overturned, things are a little chaotic.  Facelift going on?  What up? 

The (Almost) UES Wine Bar Trend [78thand2nd]

More pics after the jump.

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Hi-Life Gets Its Roof On


The forthcoming Hi-Life Bar & Grill, which will be located at the spot formerly held by Mexican restaurant Mary Ann’s (on 2nd between 78th and 79th), is moving forward steadily and is currently getting its roof on.  The interior is still way off (slightly blurry pic after the click-through) but maybe it’ll be up and running by the end of the year?

And has the progress of Hi-Life officially ended the Mexican menu war?  I hope not. That was priceless when Mary Ann’s continued to put up specials posters — after they closed down — to offset the guerilla marketing tactics of Sante Fe, located just around the corner, which was plastering Mary Ann’s with their menus and hand written notes that said “GO TO SANTA FE.”  

But today was the first time I didn’t see Santa Fe menus taped all over Mary Ann’s/Hi-Life’s windows in months.  What gives Santa Fe?  Tossing in the towel?

Hi-Life Moves In [78thand2nd]
Mary Ann’s Sticks Specials On Window, Restaurant Still Closed [78thand2nd]
EaterWire: Hi-Life To Hit the UES & More! [Eater]
Hi-Life Bar & Grill info [Citysearch]

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Sidewalk Cafes Galore!


It’s sllloooow in the news department today – perfect time to work in some sidewalk cafe news!  Two have been unveiled recently. The first is part of pop star Justin Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality (on 2nd between 76th and 77th), which is bringing sidewalk back with its ‘lil cafe area.  The spot unveiled the sidewalk digs a few days after opening. It’s lately been catering to a lot of people who drive Range Rovers with New Jersey plates, and lots and lots of tourists.

Sidewalk cafe number two, which was added when the interior of the spot got an overhaul a few weeks back, is from Ship of Fools (on 2nd between 82nd and 83rd). They re-did the front part of the bar, removed two booths by the door which opened the place up a bit. The pic above is of their spiffy new outdoor cafe.

And just when it seemed like there was no other exciting sidewalk cafe news to be found, this rolled in: Sushi Hana (on 78th and 2nd) and Green Kitchen (on 1st at 77th) recently applied for sidewalk cafe permits with Community Board 8, which make recommendations to the city about who should and should not get permits for a sidewalk cafes, among other things.

Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality Opens…Kind Of
Justin Timberlake Sets Up Shop On The Upper East Side

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The (Almost) UES Wine Bar Trend


A few new wine bars are coming to the neighborhood, which shouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve ever caught a glimpse inside Vero, on 2nd between 77th and 78th, which is constantly jammed with people.

First up – Fratelli, to be located on 1st between 70th and 71st.  The inside is currently getting an overhaul — permits on the windows are good through 11/1/2007 — so a debut can be expected later this year. (a pic from inside after the jump)

Also coming is Bar Vespa , which will take the place of Oldies, Goldies and Moldies, at 1609 2nd. From the looks of the space it will be probably be close to the same size as Vero (think small), but the inside of this spot is much further away from being ready. A source onsite says Bar Vespa won’t be ready for a months, probably early next year.

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Eats: Restaurant Week, New Openings

The second part of summer restaurant week starts today, so get out there and take advantage of the discount rates — $24.07 for lunch and $35.00 for dinner — at some of the city’s most exclusive restaurants.  Check out this page for a look at participating spots.

78thand2nd recently hit and recommends Maya — the place nails it with a fantastic upscale “modern mexican” cuisine and good service (get the margaritas, any entree and make sure to get dessert as well).  Maya is located at 1191 First Ave (near 65th) and is one of chef Richard Sandoval’s restaurants.

Some other food news, according to the Times we have a few new spots in the neighborhood:

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Justin Timberlake Sets Up Shop On The Upper East Side


 It finally looks like pop star Justin Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality BBQ restaurant, located on 2nd between 76th and 77th, is getting close to opening.

If you’ve been by the spot in the past couple of months, you’ve probably noticed it’s been in various states of construction. But, in the past few days, there’s been noticeable improvement — the boards and other construction junk were taken down — and it looks like a mid-July opening might actually be happening. The restaurant had previously planned an April debut, according to

And you have to figure Southern Hospitality will be competing with Brother Jimmy’s BBQ (at least in some fashion, we’ll have to wait to see the menu) which is located one block north – so this should be interesting. Maybe more menu wars are in our future?

At least he’s not opening a sushi place.

Timberlake also co-owns midtown Italian eatery Destino, according to Zagat.

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Coffee Shop DT-UT Closes, Figaro Opens Back Up


DT-UT, pictured above, which was located at 2nd Ave. between 84th and 85th, closed on Sunday. The folkie, lounge-like, upscale coffee shop – which is rumored to be the inspiration for the Central Perk coffee hangout in the sitcom ‘Friends’ — definitely served a special niche in the neighborhood. The java stop had a unique vibe; couches and antique furniture were scattered around the shop (along with a few chandeliers),  and they offered pastries, tea, beer and free wi-fi, amongst a bunch of other stuff., based on a tip a few weeks back, attributes the shuttering to rent doubling after the shop’s 7-year lease expired.


And its only because after the fixed 7 year lease, the building’s landlord is doubling the rent.

People in the neighborhood seem genuinely upset. I took the above pic last night, and while i was there (all of 3 minutes) 5 – 6 people stopped to ask what happened and all were pissed off.

There’s also this gent who left his comment on tripAdvisor:

Sad…when I first moved to the City, that was a great hangout.
I broke up with my last girlfriend there. Memories.

Yeah, break-ups — good memories, good times.

The Shutter: Weekend Carnage at Nish, DTUT, Park Bistro

Comments from Yelp []

And despite the delays, Figaro Pizza, on 2nd between 76th and 77th opened back up on Monday.


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