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Pinkberry Has Mice, Customers Couldn’t Care Less

News broke early Monday that trendy frozen yogurt shop Pinkberry on 82nd and 2nd had rodents, quite a few of them, running all over, in a scene that brought Taco Bell to mind.  78th and 2nd posted an item a few days before the news broke, that showed the line at Pinkberry, which ran out the door, down the street and was 40-45 strong.

It’s three days after the news broke and I’m guessing business at Pinkberry is bad.  I bet they’re PR department is scrambling to get people back in the door.  It’s probably tough to build credibility and trust with customers when you’re a so-called provider of healthy treats and vermin were (or still are?) running around the same areas and surfaces you use to store, prepare and serve food….right?

Not really:


This is Wednesday night.  Rats Monday = line 50 deep on Wednesday.


And from the right side.

I’m at a loss here and honestly think the people who came up with Pinkberry are human history’s greatest geniuses, probably capable of curing AIDS and cancer in an afternoon if they weren’t busy with frozen yogurt. It’s either that or they got their recipes from Pablo Escobar, because I’ve never seen anything like this.

Meanwhile, three doors down from Pinkberry is Chinese food place Empire Wok.  I’ve never heard that they have rats…


but on the same night, at the same time, they also have no customers.  And by “no” i truly mean not one.  It’s a dark photo but believe me when i say no one was in there.


Are “rats” the new “good review in the New York Times?”

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Pinkberry Has Mice

Remember last week when 78th and 2nd wrote about Pinkberry on 82nd and how the lines are insane and run out to door and down the block?  It seems the place is equally as popular with rodents.

Mice were caught on camera, running around on the floor early Sunday morning, by ABC Eyewitness News in New York. 


From ABC News:

When we were told about rodents running wild inside this yogurt hot spot, we decided to take a look. What we found can only be described in one word — wow.

It seems an Upper East Side new comer Pinkberry has a problem with mice.

And more from ABC News:

We alerted customers about the mice. But today’s discovery didn’t affect the line that did continue to snake out the door.

“It doesn’t look like it was on the food, just on the floor,” said one of customers. “But it is still gross.”

The NY Post also checked in with Pinkberry fans to get their reaction. A total revolt? Maybe a petition to get the place shut down? Did I hear someone say lawsuit? Wait for it…

From the New York Post:

“As long as there’s no rats in the ice cream, I’m OK,” said Josh Feldman, who was willing to wait 20 minutes on line for a serving of the dessert Paris Hilton asked for in jail.

His brother, Seth, said, “There are rats all over the city. I’m OK with it.”

Yeah, they’re all over the city, so it’s cool. Like the hookers and the drug dealers and the murderers. No biggie. As long as they’re all not directly IN the ice cream, we’re good.

The real criminals are the ones behind this ABC News, with their “reporting” and their “investigative journalism.” Why do they have to ruin everything?

Rodents Take Over Fave Fro Yo Joint [NY Press]
The DOH Chronicles: Mice Caught on Tape at Pinkberry []

And don’t forget, offensive but rodent free (i think) ice cream can be found here.

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