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Con Ed On 65th and 64th


 Here’s Con Ed, doing Con Ed things on Saturday, like digging holes in the streets and opening manhole covers. Not sure what the deal was here — did anyone on 1st between 64th and 65th experience service delays?  Please respond in the comments section.


And also – give the Con Ed guys a break – and no running over cables and causing explosions.

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Small Blackout Hits UES, Cooling Centers Open

With temperatures pegged in the mid-nineties early this week, yesterday’s post and poll asked if you thought there would be another blackout on the Upper East Side – and the 54% of you who said “yes” were right.

According to ABC news, an outage – albeit a very small and brief one – hit the UES last night.

From WABC in New York:

Despite heavy use of air conditioners, New York City’s power grid seems to be holding up. Con Ed crews had one small outage on the Upper East Side last night.

Earlier today, I believe the report said the outage was on 73rd and Con Ed responded quickly, but that line seems to be removed now.

The city opened 290 cooling centers at city-run senior centers and community centers to help beat the heat, including three on the UES.

Find one closest to you here.

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