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Guest Blogging On Curbed


Being a big fan of the NY real estate blog Curbed I jumped at the invitation to sit in and guest blog with them for a week — and that week is here.  Updates to 78thand2nd for the next 5 days will most likely consist of many links to the Curbed stories i take part in, as well as some additional, stand alone posts here.

So, as always, please hit me at if you have any UES neighborhood tips (and for this week any REAL ESTATE or general NY tips).

And check out Curbed.



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Hit and run on 88th and 94th []
Eddie Murphy in UES Barney’s window [NY Post]
Residents of 10021 ZIP code are the biggest fashion buyers on Ebay [mcall]
A sit down with Blue Moon Café (there’s one on 1st and 75th) CEO []

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