Sidewalk Cafes Galore!


It’s sllloooow in the news department today – perfect time to work in some sidewalk cafe news!  Two have been unveiled recently. The first is part of pop star Justin Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality (on 2nd between 76th and 77th), which is bringing sidewalk back with its ‘lil cafe area.  The spot unveiled the sidewalk digs a few days after opening. It’s lately been catering to a lot of people who drive Range Rovers with New Jersey plates, and lots and lots of tourists.

Sidewalk cafe number two, which was added when the interior of the spot got an overhaul a few weeks back, is from Ship of Fools (on 2nd between 82nd and 83rd). They re-did the front part of the bar, removed two booths by the door which opened the place up a bit. The pic above is of their spiffy new outdoor cafe.

And just when it seemed like there was no other exciting sidewalk cafe news to be found, this rolled in: Sushi Hana (on 78th and 2nd) and Green Kitchen (on 1st at 77th) recently applied for sidewalk cafe permits with Community Board 8, which make recommendations to the city about who should and should not get permits for a sidewalk cafes, among other things.

Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality Opens…Kind Of
Justin Timberlake Sets Up Shop On The Upper East Side


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One response to “Sidewalk Cafes Galore!

  1. marie

    I imagine that Sushi Hana and Green Kitchen already have permits…as their current seats by the window already take up that space…..

    As for Ship of Fools…don’t they already have a backyard in which to keep all the fools that need fresh air?

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