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Pervy Guy On 6 Train Itches Balls….Slowly

Hey, thanks guy, for that 28 minute display I witnessed on the way to work today.  Listen – if you need to do that, do the right thing do it quickly and do it in the most private way possible. No one likes a show-off. Or a pervy ball itcher.


It’s like being naked at the gym.  Don’t spend a lot of time prancing around the locker room, putting on a nude display, showing everyone you’ve got skin and you’re proud of it.  Get undressed, get to the shower quickly, get your ass back to your locker and get your clothes on.


No one needs to see a ball itching marathon.  It’s not polite.  Not pleasant.  And no one especially needs to see a bald, mid-forties guy wearing a Member’s Only jacket touching himself gently and persisitently. Didn’t your mom ever tell you not to fiddle with yourself on the 6 train. 


I just spit up a little vomit thinking about him.  I want to sue.  Fucking perv.


You and you alone, pervy ball itching guy, have forced me to erase the “psycho/crazies” categorory I intended to make on this site, and expand it to “pervs/psychos/crazies” – congratulations!  You’re my first post!


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