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What’s The Deal With: Loui Loui, Cocktail Room, Abandoned Liquor Store

Former Loui Loui restaurant, next to Citarella

Below, a round-up of some recent ‘what’s the deal with’ questions from 78thand2nd readers from last week, followed by the latest updates. If you have an additional piece to the puzzle – enlighten us all in the comments section.

1) 75th and 3rd – Marshall wrote in last week asking what was going on with the former Loui Loui restaurant space on 75th and 3rd: “I heard a rumor that Citarella has purchased the space and plans to open its own restaurant there… any truth to that?”  That’s exactly what’s going on.  An inside source says Citarella bought the entire building and plans to open a restaurant in the space formerly held by Loui Loui.

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