UES Surgeon Gets License Suspended, Allegedly Smokes Meth With Patient

Dr. Brad Jacobs, whose offices are located at 55 E 86th, had his medical license suspended yesterday for doing un-surgeon like things — like allegedly having sex and smoking meth with a patient, and completely botching breast jobs — according to multiple reports.

From the Sun:

Upper East Side plastic surgeon had his medical license suspended after results from an investigation released yesterday alleged that he and a patient had sex and smoked crystal methamphetamine.

Investigators [say he] committed 19 separate acts of medical and moral misconduct involving 10 patients.

And from the Daily News:

The suspension follows several complaints from patients and a lawsuit filed in March 2006 by three women who said he made their breasts so big they fell apart.

Jacobs was charged with repeatedly supersizing implants for women who went to him for breast enhancements.

The doctor’s lawyer says the allegations were unfounded, according to the articles.

Breast implants too big? Manhattan plastic surgeon is suspended [am New York]

Besides all the above, Dr. Jacobs can make your ass look like Paris Hilton’s or Eva Longoria’s. [78th and 2nd]


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44 responses to “UES Surgeon Gets License Suspended, Allegedly Smokes Meth With Patient

  1. Lori Zennario

    I am writing on behalf of Dr. Brad Jacobs, who is a very professional, caring and respectable doctor. I have been a patient and friend of Dr. Jacob’s for 14 years now and I have never known him to be unethical or indecent. I believe in his innocence.

  2. I can’t beleave this is happening too my dear friend, Dr. Jacobs. I’ve known Dr. Jacobs starting at age 18. My first two procedures of rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation. I’m 31 now and never came across any problem with him ever. Only knowlegeable,professional care. I myself now am married to a physician and know first had the responsabilaty and challenges they face day after day. I send him my blessings and hope for a quick exhonoration of his innocense. Frances Caso

  3. Fixed Me

    I just wanted to leave a comment on Dr. Jacobs behalf. I was a patient of his years ago that went to him for reconstruction surgery. I had 3 botched boob jobs and finally ran across his site and immediately knew that he was the guy to fix me. So much so that I flew all the way from California to New York to have a consult and then eventually surgery with him. Dr. Jacobs did an amazing job when no other doctor thought there was anything that they could do for me. I just wanted to thank him for fixing me. I really wish that he would get his medical license back. There is no one else I would rather go to should I ever need a touch up.

    Thanks Dr. Jacobs for fixing me. I am forever thankful.

    BB in Cali

  4. Arlene Berlin

    I don’t know why the media is so “blood thirsty.” Obviously, all of these “boob conscious” dames are no virgins! Why don’t you give this young doctor a chance to vindicate himself, before you “feed him to the wolves.”

    In this Country you are presumed INNOCENT, until PROVEN guilty.

    Dr. Jacobs undoubtedly has performed thousands of surgeries and the ratio of complaints is virtually small and again, unproven! I recommend that all you gossip mongers pull back your fangs until you have a concrete reason to go for the jugular!

  5. a victim

    Young man? Is that like saying “boys will be boys” after they gang rape an autistic teenage girl? He ain’t young honey, and he ain’t nice either. If he were treating men instead of women–you’d bet there’d be an outcry and TONS more complaints. But, because he’s giving women BOOB implants–they are too insecure to right the wrong. And you; as all brad’s “friends” are–BOOBS for defending him. Go smoke some more meth.

  6. Melanie W.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Brad Jacobs for over 7 years and I have always been treated with the greatest respect and professionalism that you could hope for in a doctor. I have nothing negative to say about him as a person or a doctor. I hope that he will have a proper chance to vindicate himself, since it seems to hold true that the public assumes guilt as soon as something negative is posted in the media.

  7. Unbelievable

    I can not believe that anyone would put up a negative post about Dr. Jacobs’ mother! That is really nasty. I have been a patient of Dr. Jacobs for over ten years and have been quite pleased with his knowledge and skill. He has always been very patient, kind, and willing to listen to all my concerns. If you ask me, he gained these skills from his mother!!

  8. Lynzee Sloane

    I too am a victim. I now have a left breast looking like an 80 year old’s, with the implant in my armpit and a right breast that looks like it was caught in a fire and put out with a poker. Although Jacobs never behaved unprofessionally, the treatment I got was one I would like to share. First off, I had a lumpectomy followed by 2 reconstructive surgeries that were completely botched by a Dr in CT, where I live. Dr Jacobs came highly recommended. After my initial visit and him telling me that he could make my breasts much better than they were……..I trusted him. His staff was always nice to me.

    After my surgery, my bf and I drove back to CT. Upon leaving the car, my right boob started to bleed. I immediately called his office. The receptionist on the phone assured me this was normal, a stitch may have popped.

    I can’t remember the exact things that happened (I’ve blocked it out), but for my second visit back I was concerned about something that didn’t look right. After driving all the way from CT, they told me I couldn’t see him. I said “WHAT????????” They told me he was on the floor of the bathroom in pain to come back in 2 days. I came back, they told me he was on the floor waiting for the ambulance. Seemed his gall bladder burst. I insisted that someone look at my breast. His sweet nurse looked and her mouth dropped and she rushed out of the room to get the Dr. He could not see me, but he told her what to do. I think she put some salve on it and tried to clean it out. I then saw 3 Dr’s in Ct and they told me to get the implants out and hope for the best. There was no infection, but I was left with an open HOLE in my breast that didn’t close for a year. I went back to Jacobs many, many times and then a Dr here suggested I go for Bariatric treatments to help with the healing. I went once, could not deal with the pressure in my ears. Kept going back to Jacobs and he would clean and cut and poke and I had to buy salve that cost about $100 and then treat it with bleach and saline, of all things. For one year I had to do this 3 times a day and of course patch it and tape it. It was horrible. It finally healed up but I am left with a HOLE the size of a half dollar and I think it is where my other nipple was. The nipple I am left with looks eaten away. It is horrible. It has ruined my life.

    I know I sound like I’m rambling, but it is and was a traumatic experience. He blamed it on radiation. I blame it on neglect and putting too big of an implant in. I now have to wear a shoulder pad on the right under my bra (and I just discovered that because I was cleaning out a drawer and put it in my bra). I can’t wear any kind of padded bra, I can’t wear any color but black. I am so sad, but the shoulder pad seems to be working fine and I feel so much better about myself. Where on earth do I buy shoulder pads these days? I lost one somewhere and this one is slowly wearing out because I wear it swimming too. What a mess I am!

    • ANG


  9. sexy

    this is to a victom you probaly wanted more than surgery like drugs and sex but couldnt get it so now you cant deal with it!!!!!
    You slut!

  10. masstown

    To Sexy: Aren’t there easier places to get drugs and sex than a plastic surgeon’s office? You sound borderline retarded.

  11. ı also had surgery wıth dr brad jacobs and had my nose done whıch came out crooked and then he dıd my ımplants far too large more than ı asked for they looked horrıble.ı had them taken out last yr ın turkey and my amazıng doctor was horıfıed he saıd they where way too huge and th sılıcone was all leakıng ınto my body thank god they where taken out.ı also remember when dr brad jacobs asked me to come back to see the results of my ımplants he touched me ın a very suggestıve way and ı remember thınkıng thıs ıs defnıtely not rıghtçı thınk the fast lıfestyle caught up wıth hım and the wrong people he was hangıng out wıth.ıts a shame because now he wıll loose a very good carreer.ı hope he can get hıs lıfe straıghtened .

  12. formerpatient

    i am another one of his victims. i hope he gets his license revoked permanently. he put in way too large of implants for my size, treated me rudely and unprofessionally. he is a total wack job.

  13. mildred

    i am so angry not at the doctor because i must say he did a great job !!1 i am angry at his office i think they are unprofessional i have been trying for over a year to get copies of my records from him and they keep giving me the run around…….as of today i still can’t get a hold of my records or anybody for that matter. the office staff suck and is very unprofessional….what is there too hide why won’t they cooperate and give me a copy of my letters.


    For all of those people damaged I urge you to contact Attorney General of New York and at the very least file a complaint. I am trying to recover all of my damages meaning the cost of my alternative surgery, travel hotel. I have no expectations but it is worth a try. He put me in a terribly stressful situation, did not fulfill the terms of his contract and has a total disregard for his patients well-being. This goes against the oath of a medical pracitioner. I feel very lucky in one sense-that his license was revoked a week before my surgery was scheduledso that this man could not touch my body. Financially he has been a total disaster. He had zero intention of returning my $5500 deposit, despite the fact that he offered me no service whatsoever. I had to fight with Visa for over three months in order to get that back. I am proud to say Visa will now be a creditor of Dr. Brad Jacobs.
    The only service that was offered to me was They gave me the name of another surgeon. I had so many sunk costs (hotel, vacation time, travel arrangements, the $5500 deposit) I felt if I didn’t go through with the surgery I would not have the time or money to pursue another doctor and I certainly would not qualify for another loan.
    I am only 80% satisfied with my results. I will need some revision surgery. The surgeon they referred me to was very conservative, so that was at lease positive.
    Dr. Jacobs and his staff are totally unsrupulous people, they do not deserve the business or hardworking people. His staff attempted to have me pay the entire amount of the surgery weeks before my surgery (even though the contract clearly read it was due the day of surgery ) He presumably knew his license was going to be revoked and was searching for funds to sustain him ( I suppose he didn’t want to part with his Porsche). That his accountants would allow the use of our deposited funds to pay for salaries and lawyers, is despicable. They also tried to schedule me into surgery “early”, with absolutely no regard for my pre-operative regimen or health. This is totally unethical behavior by a medical professional.
    Dr. Jacobs has damaged the lives of his clients by acting irresponsibly. He may do good works sometimes, but his track record is shotty at best and increasingly inconsistent. That hardly qualifies as the worlds “best”. Regardless of whether you pose for Playboy or travel from abroad, we all pay the same amount for his time. This means we should be guaranteed a doctor that shows up sober, pays attention to us, and treats us all with dignity and respect.
    Dr. Jacobs is a has been.
    If you have been damaged by this man, the best course of action is to file a complaint with the state so that others don’t suffer.

    • Horrified!!

      I’m one of many victims of the former Dr. Jacobs. My defense and true statements are the cause of his loss of license. I’m not a liar, I have not lived a perfect life however I never took advantage of innocent patients like Brad Jacobs did to me and from what I have read many others. Thanks to my legal team Steve North, and Larry Karam I was able to get a small settlement considering how much life I lost due to his negligence, etc.. And it was Larry Karam who reported my case to the department iof health, which is why he no longer can practice. My heart and prayers go out to all other victims that Brad Jacobs ruined,hurt, caused mental and or disformites to. As to his friends well let just up it this way, you might want to check you so called friend a lot more carefully if you honestly believe a word of his proclaimed innocence. Btw he had me video tape him and his then girlfriend or shall I use his word swinging partner.. And right before I had my hearing w the board of health my computer which he had me video him on was stolen… So even when you think you know some one for years and years, you may not know all that’s true.
      Good day and luck to all former victims!
      The attorneys I mentioned can be found in ny if you need excellent representation.
      Btw dr. Dean Toriumi chicago based best in the us rhino reconstruction dr.
      Look him up, no cases against him, and everyone has been overly pleased w his work including me! I still have one more surgery to go, but looking much better!! No thanks to Jacobs botch job and a half. Leaving my nose the size of an infant w no room for air to go thru to be able to breath!!

  15. patientoct06


  16. Tricia C

    First, I feel really bad about anyone who has suffered an outcome not to their liking post surgery with Dr. Jacobs.

    Howwever my experience with him has been superb.

    I can vouch for Dr. Jacobs. He fixed a defective implant of mine about 14 years ago (from a doctor in Tampa) and its been 14 years and my silicone implants look and feel amazing and perfectly fine.

    I found him to be 150% professional, ethical and just superb. He answered all my 1000 questions patiently, always answered my calls or pagers and his bedside follow up manner post-surgery was beyond professional and superb. I never had any worries or fear as he always reassured me.

    My breast implants still look great (he listened that I wanted to look natural for my height and size, but just a little sexy) and it got me some great commercial print / tv commercials.

    I no longer live in NYC, so I feel really horrible when i read all these bad stories about him online as I referred all my friend to him and they too had wonderful experience and positive things to say about him.

    I hope it all works out for those who had a bad experience, but he really is a great guy with a good heart. And he is a skilled surgoen.

    Dr. Brad, if you read this…its one of your Playboy’s island girls! Hang in there!

    • Lisa hart

      Do you know where he is or did he ever get in contact with you. Did awesome work on me and I need to speak with him. Sorry to everyone else about their bad surgeries but when I knew dr Jacobs he went for his board test on me 21 yrs ago and then I followed him to his park ave office. Miss him very much dr Jacobs if you see this please get in touch with me

  17. Early Victim of Jacobs

    I was a patient of Brad’s when he was a Fellow in the Plastics clinic at St Lukes Roosevelt. He was a nut job then and I see he has gone out into the world to wreak havoc on the lives of many women.
    He was removing deep tissue (think strong nylon fishing line) sutures after a thigh lift on me one evening after the rest of the staff had gone home. He yanked the suture with every once of his strength without detaching the anchor on the other side of the line!
    I screamed at the excruciating pain at the same moment the suture snapped in two pieces inside my leg! He proceeded to pick up his instrument tray and throw it across the room onto the floor and storm out of the room.
    About 6 ” of the thick blue suture line remains visible under the skin in my leg until today.
    I pray this sick monster never has the chance to harm another woman who thinks the title doctor means he deserves their trust or respect. Imagine what he’s gotten away with over the years behind that title and the insecurity of his patients!

  18. Liz

    I saw Brad Jacobs in 2004 and I was 18. I thought I needed a breast lift, so he gave me a lift too for 2 extra thousand dollars..surgery totaled $10,000. They are the right size, if not smaller than I wanted, and look reallly really natural..except the lift causes some scaring around my areola which he had completely removed and put back on, and this scaring makes the right one look bigger. I saw another plastic surgeon for a different consult and he said he thought my doctor had done a nice job on my breasts. I dont know if I would have goteen a lift had I knew about the scaring and that he was removing them, I was only 18 I probably didnt need a lift in the first place.

    But, on the more fascinating things.. I also worked at SCORES, the famous NYC gentleman’s club, and he had a reputation there for “partying” with the girls and I do mean sexually and drugwise. The coat check woman tells me stories of him leaving shit-faced drunk and probably high at 4:30am with surgery that day…yikes..I found this out all after my surgery. I do think he was a little “quirky”, and my mother didn’t like him. He went to McGill in Canada for Med school, which means he probably couldn’t get in to a US med school.. .Perhaps he’ll go practice in Canada.

    • Horrified!!

      I’m the girl who he claimed lied during my depo, I’m glad someone else has heard and admitted that he is no stranger to sex and drugs!!! I’m haven’t always been living a picture perfect life , however that never made me lie or ruin tons of innocent people’s lives! Thx for ur honesty.

  19. prudent

    As I read through these comments I notice that the patients that were pleased with his work are all quoting surgeries that occurred “years ago” and that they were his patient for “years”. Those that were unhappy had more recent surgery. This is indicative of his decline as a surgeon and depicts the type of erratic decline that occurs with addicts. Like many addicts, he’s awesome when he’s clean and straight and he’s awful when he’s using and since addiction is unpredictable, using Dr. Jacobs for your plastic surgery is a gamble at best and a shot in the dark at worst. You’re nuts to take a chance with him. He might have been excellent in his heyday, but unless he’s been clean and sober and not using for 5 years or more, his risk of relapse is high and you don’t know what you’ll see when you wake up from the anesthesia. He’s not doctor House. He’s a real doctor doing real surgery on real people while being on real drugs. As someone who consulted with him twice before deciding against using him [I noticed that he was too animated and his eyes too dilated and wild looking to be normal], I suspected he was on something and my suspicions were confirmed by a friend who told me he uses stimulant drugs in order to be able to do more surgeries in a day (he can go for 2 days straight when using) in order to make more money. Then he’ll crash for a day or so; his staff will reschedule his entire schedule and he’ll come back and do it all again. It’s a shame because he truly was a talented and gifted artist in his day. Drugs destroy lives. And crystal meth will destroy you in no time at all. Numerous doctors have fallen to crystal meth. It makes you feel like superman. Dr. Jacobs….I hope you get your act together and fix your life. I really do. What a waste of talent and education!

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  26. Wow that is plainly a stupid thing to do. I’d rather smoke weed than use Meth which is practically useless.

  27. Hope everything is good now with Dr. Jacobs

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  30. License will certainly be in jeopardy for committing certain immoral offenses. For this case, the misdemeanors of a practitioner as alleged are put under disciplinary action.

  31. Why do a lot of people that posted here have HORRIBLE spelling and grammar? Jesus. Its 2nd grade knowledge when to capitalize. Anyway, thank goodness my surgeries were done by someone OTHER than this Brad guy. He sounds disastrous!

  32. Vendela

    Yes he likes to make your breast bigger than you, however he did a great job on me but wish it was smaller cause l had natural large d cups to begin with & just wanted a lift after breast feeding. I’m now a 38H size from original 34D size. I have severe back aches & don’t fit in clothes. It makes me look fat even thou l’m slim. We agreed on a size but day of surgery he did bigger. He also did a great job on my abs adominal plasti. I.m with my surgey but l saw what he did to another girl with large breast . . . Now she looks like a freak…… He was a good doctor & sorry to hear about what happened.

  33. Anonymous

    Holy crap….I went to this guy for a consulation almost 9 years ago.

    Having read up on all the board certs and whatnot with which your plastic surgeon should be current (and being full blown, obsessive, perfectionist-type medical professional as well), his lack of affiliation with even just the standard boards of plastic surgery was troubling. As was the fact that the word “abdominal” was misspelled as “adbominal” on his website.

    That said, his before/after gallery was nothing short of AMAZING. His bedside manner during my consultation was very impersonal. It was clear he saw patients as bodies that needed corrections, not as human beings. Both a good and bad trait I suppose.

    His demeanor was brusque but not unpleasant or unprofessional. Either way, I never went ahead with any cosmetic surgery, but coming across an article like this so many years later made me glad I couldnt afford it!

  34. Trisha

    Had breast implnats in Aug 2006. One is now ruptured. How do I obtain my records? I never received any info about the implant and it should be covered under warranty. Pls email leftysgirl@yahoo.com with any info

  35. Much weired for the surgeon.

  36. seeker of truth

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  38. Brad, I’m not
    afraid of you since I was your first lipo surgery after school and you went on todo 4 more surgeries including arms. Are you practicing again..I would love to see you. Call me if you are working on 67 yr old glamor pusses with their own boobs.?

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