Bar Vespa Unveils Its Shiny Redness, Enoteca Di Leonardo Opens


How are those budding UES wine bars coming along, you ask? Well:  

1)  Last time we checked in on Bar Vepsa there wasn’t much to show — and now look at it!  It sits at 1609 2nd Ave., in all its unabated red glory.  Yes, it’s very, very red…and that’s quite a font they’ve got going on…and now I’ll always know what time it is when I’m on 2nd.  And it would appear they’re ahead of the “probably next year” opening we were told back in early August.

 2) Enoteca Di Leonardoa new wine bar on 2nd Ave., between 81st and 82nd, kept good on its promise to “open soon” when it was unveiled last Friday.  A peek inside after the jump.

UES Wine Bar Trend Continues [78thand2nd]
The (Almost) UES Wine Bar Trend [78thand2nd]




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