Red Sox/Yankees Alert: Day Two

The New York Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox 5-3 last night at Yankees Stadium and the teams play the second game in the three game series tonight. The “Red Sox/Yankees Alert” is still in place.  Again, be on the look-out for a heightened level of public drunkenness, fights and noise disturbances in the neighborhood over the next few days, as the two team’s fans discuss their differences.  


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Cool Tech: NYC Subway Google Map Hack

Found via our friend at SecondAveSagas, check out’s NYC Subway Google Map Hack if you’re in need of a quick and comprhensive look at the subway and PATH systems. The site’s owner is attempting an upgrade but is running into some roundblocks from the MTA. Read about the dust-up here.


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Red Sox/Yankees Alert: Expect Misdemeanors, Noise Disturbances

Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez discusses a pitch with New York Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens, 2003 ALCS.

The Boston Red Sox begin a three-game series against the Yankees tonight at Yankees Stadium. The stumbling Yanks, who’ve lost two in a row now, are eight games behind the Red Sox in the American League East – a number that’s got to have owner George Steinbrenner practicing his strangling techniques and fans yearning for decisive victories against the Sox in the coming days. A three game sweep against Boston would position the Yanks nicely for a run at winning the division, and securing a playoff spot when the season comes to a close in about a month.

If you’ve lived in New York or Boston since 2003, you’ve undoubtedly noticed a heightened rivalry – not between the teams, that’s always been there – but between the fans, which only seems to be getting worse.

I think the feeling can be best explained by a guy I saw in the men’s room at Yankees Stadium the last time Red Sox were in town. The inebriated, and obviously well-bred Yankees fan, was urinating in a restroom sink as his son watched, as he tried to explain how the other half lived:

I hate Boston. They’re awful fans. I’ve been to Fenway. Red Sox fans have no class.

And the sentiment would be described on both sides in a similar way given the right circumstance. Therefore, it’s only fitting that we institute a “Red Sox/Yankees Alert” whenever the Red Sox, who grabbed headlines last week by superseding the Yankee’s as “America’s Team” according to USA Today, play the Yankees.

UESers: be ready for heightened baseball statistics chatter, increased levels of gambling and of course, lots of drinking, public drunkenness, misdemeanors and fistfights over the next three days.

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Penang To Close, Maggie Moo’s Exits For Bayside


More closings in the neighborhood:

1) Penang: Malaysian spot Penang, on 2nd at 83rd, is the latest victim of a rent hike according to a sign on its front door.  The restuarant, which is about a block away from the former DT UT, which suffered the same fate last last month, is set to close Thursday

2) Maggies Moo’s:  Tipster Rob points out that ice cream spot Maggie Moo’s, on 2nd at 75th, has packed up shop. The possible Pinkberry casuality has a sign on its former spot that reads “we’ve moved to Bayside.”  No word on what might be heading in. 

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Scarlett Linkhansson


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LOCKED down in a celluloid prison cell marked “The Nanny Diaries” for 105 punishingly awful minutes, I was seconds away from crying “Attica” and leading a tactical assault on the projectionist’s booth when the words “The End” appeared on screen. I rocketed out of my seat as though wearing a jet pack.

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Commission To Look At Mayor’s Congestion Pricing Plan

A commission was assembled yesterday to study Mayor Bloomberg’s congestion pricing, traffic-cutting proposal and present a recommendation to state and city lawmakers.  The plan includes a fee for drivers, up to $8, for driving into Manhattan below 86th Street during peak hours.

According to the New York Times:

Gov. Eliot Spitzer nominated Marc V. Shaw, a former deputy mayor under Mr. Bloomberg, as head of the 17-member commission, which must make its recommendation by Jan. 31 on whether to impose an $8 daily charge on drivers entering Manhattan below 86th Street. The charge for trucks would be $21.

The commission includes two other members appointed by the governor, who has endorsed the mayor’s proposal, three members appointed by Mayor Bloomberg and three appointed by City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, who has also supported the plan.

It would appear from those appointments that the mayor can count on a majority of commission members to back his plan. The commission was created by a law passed during a special legislative session in July as a compromise between supporters and opponents of the congestion pricing plan.

The federal government revealed last week that it would give New York $354 million if it went forward with the mayor’s congestion plan.

Members Named for Panel Studying Traffic-Cutting Plan [N.Y. Times]
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