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Bloomberg Plan Includes Fees For Drivers Leaving City


This one flew under the radar.
Back in late April, on Earth Day, Mayor Bloomberg unveiled 127 initiatives aimed at reducing the city’s negative impact on the environment – a key objective of the plan is to cut greenhouse emissions by 30 percent by 2030. A much publicized proposed initiative in the Bloomberg plan is to charge drivers coming into the city south of 86th street a congestion fee of $8.What hasn’t been much publicized is the plan to charge those driving OUT of the zone – including a majority of the Upper East Side – a $8 fee as well, according to the New York Times.

From the Times:

It might seem that anyone taking a car out of the congestion zone ought to be rewarded instead of penalized, but officials disagreed.

“We’re not trying to get people to leave the zone in their cars,” said Deputy Mayor Daniel L. Doctoroff, who played a leading role in fashioning the plan. “Overall what we’re trying to do is get people to use their cars less.”

And later:

In seeking public support for the plan, city officials have not been emphasizing the fee that will be imposed on those driving out of the congestion pricing zone, perhaps in part because the fee would be levied on far fewer drivers than those who drive in every day.

But city officials also appear aware of the political sensitivity of the plan, and are counting on support from people residing inside the zone, who could be expected to benefit from the drop in traffic. Most opposition so far has come from the other boroughs, and the suburbs, where some residents see it as a financial burden and an elitist initiative that favors Manhattan.

The plan seems likely to go through. Approval on the state level would give New York a shot at mega-bucks — over a half billion — from the Dept of Transportation to help implement the overall plan. The Governor supports it and now the State Legislature is expected to make a decision in July.

A spokesman for the federal Department of Transportation, said it was unlikely that New York would get the money if the Legislature did not quickly approve the plan, according to the Times.

While I’m a fan of many of the parts of Bloomberg’s proposal, there’s this to consider — cars are like cigarettes with people, they can’t give them up.  So, you know what’s going to happen?  This will get approved. People will keep driving in and out of the city, and they’ll pay the congestion fee, and the road rage is going to sky-rocket.   

So, instead of almost getting hit by a driver who’s experiencing a meltdown about once a week, I’m betting that’s going to be a daily occurence.  I guess I should start wearing this when I leave the apartment:



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Breaking News: Blackout On Upper East Side

Apparently the mid-90s heat was too much for the electric grid to take — is reporting there’s a blackout on the Upper East Side right now.


From a tipster: “My wife on 84th and Lex says power is out in the whole neighborhood. ABC7 just broke news that from the South Bronx to East 13th on the East Side is experiencing sporadic outages. My doorman says that a grid blew on the UES.”

Update 4:45:
Power Outage Cuts Trains, Traffic Lights in New York City [ABC News]
Officials: 375,000 Residents Without Power In NYC [NBC News]
Curbed is running rolling updates. []

Update 5:45:
Power back on after outages; Subway service affected [ABC News]

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10021 Gets Overhaul

The Upper East Side’s zip code is getting an overhaul — 10021 will be divided into three zips, 10065, 10021, and 10075 —  effective July 1.  A postcard sent out by the post office attributes the zip code change to the increase in residents in the area:


Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney has a list of FAQs on her website regarding the change.  According to the site, the new zips will cover the following areas:

(the borders on the west and east are 5th ave and East River) 

10065: East 61st Street through East 68th Street

10021: East 69th Street through East 76th Street

10075: East 77th Street through East 80th Street

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Shocker On 63rd

The 60s are having a tough news week. Remember this?  Yeah, well, besides having little rich girls who will take your checks and deposit them in their accounts on 64th, 63rd may have grates that are electrocuting people.

From ABC News:

“A pedestrian reported receiving a shock while walking in an Upper East Side intersection this morning.

The pedestrian said he felt a tingle in his legs after stepping on a grate at the intersection of East 63rd Street and Second Avenue at around 12:30 a.m. “

The report goes on to say that Con Edison workers took readings and no stray voltage was found there and a spokesman said the electric company doesn’t believe the pedestrian received a shock.

To be honest, I would normally agree, because if you’re walking around the Upper East Side at 12:30 AM it usually means you just finished having 6 beers at Brother Jimmy’s and you’re now stumbling home, drunkenly discussing your fantasy baseball team with a guy you just met, who you consider to be “so awesome” ’cause he just won a ‘beer pong’ tournament at Moe’s Cantina. 

Point being, you’re probably not in the best condition to recognize any wrongdoing on the streets of New York, even if it’s as obvious as being shocked by a huge metal grate in the road.

But, I kind of believe the guy, because Con Edison doesn’t have a ton of cred in this department.  Besides having roughly 1,214 instances of these exact experiences last year — yes, 1,214  — it’s not unheard of for people to get killed by stepping on these fucking metal grate things, which is why i avoid them like the plaque.


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‘Socialite’ Gets Community Service, Watch Your Checkbook On 64th

I have no idea who Dori Cooperman is, or why she looks so happy in this photo when she basically got caught stealing, but if you live on 64th street, I suggest you keep a close eye on your checkbook.
According to the Post, Cooperman lives in the same East 64th Street building as David Spivak, and a check Spivak wrote to his ex-wife ended up in Cooperman’s bank account.

From the Post:
“Dori Cooperman has caught a break in a Connecticut court. If the “socialite” keeps her nose clean for two years, prosecutors will dismiss criminal charges that she swiped an Upper East Side neighbor’s $4,300 check and deposited it. Cooperman also owes 100 hours of community service under the special probation”

Whatever.  If you ask me this girl has the most awesome bank account ever — checks written to other people just show up in hers!  I want this checking account.  It’s like magic…only, in reality, your rich neighbor is committing felonies by grabbing the checks you write and depositing them in her account – dreams do come true.   

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