What’s The Deal With: Loui Loui, Cocktail Room, Abandoned Liquor Store

Former Loui Loui restaurant, next to Citarella

Below, a round-up of some recent ‘what’s the deal with’ questions from 78thand2nd readers from last week, followed by the latest updates. If you have an additional piece to the puzzle – enlighten us all in the comments section.

1) 75th and 3rd – Marshall wrote in last week asking what was going on with the former Loui Loui restaurant space on 75th and 3rd: “I heard a rumor that Citarella has purchased the space and plans to open its own restaurant there… any truth to that?”  That’s exactly what’s going on.  An inside source says Citarella bought the entire building and plans to open a restaurant in the space formerly held by Loui Loui.

2) 73rd and 1st – Michael wrotes “I noticed what might be movement/preparation for something in the space the formerly occupied by the Cocktail Room (on 73rd between 1st and 2nd).”  The former Cocktail Room, which closed earlier this summer, is indeed getting an overhaul with some interior construction, no new tenants for the bar have been revealed yet. 

3) 78th and 2nd – 78thand2nd commenter Ace raised a question “Does anyone know why the liquor store next to Bardalino has been under renovations for what seems like forever?”  There’s still no hint to what’s going on — the area businesses have no clue, area residents have no clue, there’s no indication or hint posted in the windows — what the hell is going on with this space?

What’s The Deal With: Loui Loui, The Cocktail Room, Abandoned Liquor Store On 2nd [78thand2nd]



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4 responses to “What’s The Deal With: Loui Loui, Cocktail Room, Abandoned Liquor Store

  1. marie

    I happen to love Bardolino, so I wish they would just take over the liquor store space already!

    That was never a great place for booze anyway…they never had what I was looking for (beyond the standards) and their wine selection left much to be desired.

  2. chris

    It was never a good place for booze I agree, but am getting tired of liquor stores closing in the neighborhood. Headington’s on 79th and Lex used to be the most convenient for me, but it closed at least 1+ year ago, maybe 2. To make way for another bank of course. McCabes on 77th/3rd is ok, my favorite is Mister Wright on 89th/3rd but is too far to walk for a quick something. Have to plan around and take advantage of their delivery.

  3. Thanks a lot for the response to my inquiry… I thought Citarella had bought the space. I bet that restaurant will be serving up some pretty inspiring and delicious items.

    As far as wine stores go… McCabe’s on 77th and 3rd is a good spot based on its fairly large selection of wine and reasonable selection of piquor — but what gets me is the general lack of service, especially given the store’s rather high prices.

    But I just have to put in a plug for my favorite wine store. Woody’s on 2nd Ave between 75th and 76th has a decent selection of liquor and has pretty good prices — surely better than McCabe’s. Woody’s wine selection isn’t great and you’ll really never get any assistance in that department, but I would go to Woody’s for wine even though I’ll end up spending a little more.

    But what sets Woody’s apart from any other wine store in the area is the fact that the owners carved out a small chunk of the front of their store recently to create Fat Dood, a miniscule convenience store that has allowed them to sell beer in addition to wine and liquor. While Gristede’s is only two doors down, the selection of cold beer at Gristede’s is miserable! Since Fat Dood is technically a separate store from Woody’s, now people on the UES can go to one spot for beer, liquor, and wine — all for lower prices than other stores in the area. What a great idea…

  4. marie

    I like the wine/liquor store on 1st bet 85th & 86th. They have quick delivery as well.

    Usually I will run over to the store on 1st and 77th (next door to Green Kitchen) because they are open until midnight.

    For a great wine selection…the store on 1st between 73/74 (west side of 1st)is also a favorite. They have wine tastings as well!

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