Timberlake Drops In On Southern Hospitality, Crew Changes Timberstoves


Pop star Justin Timberlake was seen entering Southern Hospitality (on 2nd, near 76th) this afternoon, probably dropping in to count the piles of cash the place is raking in.  While the Timbermobile — the black Escalade with the tinted windows — sat parked out front, the Southern Hos crew gave the kitchen a boost with some new stoves (pictured above). 

A few week’s back we asked when the crowd at Southern Hospitality would begin to thin out and those who responded all gave dates that have already passed.  Should Brother Jimmy’s be getting nervous?

Southern Hospitality Still Mobbed [78thand2nd]
Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality Opens…Kind Of [78thand2nd]
Justin Timberlake Sets Up Shop On The Upper East Side [78thand2nd]

More pics after the jump.




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