Hi-Life Gets Its Roof On


The forthcoming Hi-Life Bar & Grill, which will be located at the spot formerly held by Mexican restaurant Mary Ann’s (on 2nd between 78th and 79th), is moving forward steadily and is currently getting its roof on.  The interior is still way off (slightly blurry pic after the click-through) but maybe it’ll be up and running by the end of the year?

And has the progress of Hi-Life officially ended the Mexican menu war?  I hope not. That was priceless when Mary Ann’s continued to put up specials posters — after they closed down — to offset the guerilla marketing tactics of Sante Fe, located just around the corner, which was plastering Mary Ann’s with their menus and hand written notes that said “GO TO SANTA FE.”  

But today was the first time I didn’t see Santa Fe menus taped all over Mary Ann’s/Hi-Life’s windows in months.  What gives Santa Fe?  Tossing in the towel?

Hi-Life Moves In [78thand2nd]
Mary Ann’s Sticks Specials On Window, Restaurant Still Closed [78thand2nd]
EaterWire: Hi-Life To Hit the UES & More! [Eater]
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One response to “Hi-Life Gets Its Roof On

  1. marie

    I have to admit….I forgot Mary Ann’s had closed and had friends meet me there for dinner!

    We ended up around the corner at Santa Fe, but I didn’t like it enough to go back. Won’t be fooled again!

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