What’s The Deal With: Old Chambers Store, Bodega On 73rd, 79th & York Revealed

Old Chambers store, 76th and 2nd

Last week we spotlighted some of your recent UES store front inquiries — and below check out the info gathered to this point. Thanks to everyone who responded in the comments and via email.

1) 76th and 2nd: Robert wrote “Any idea what is coming to the old Chambers store spot on 76th and 2nd? Heard a rumor that it is leased by the owner of Mo’s Caribbean…hope it is not yet another bank or cell phone store.”

The space is currently under construction (click through to find a pic inside the spot) and according to 78thand2nd commenters CK and Ace it looks like Pottery Barn Kid’s clothing is setting up shop. From Ace:

Right on about the PB Kids store. A little more info- Williams Sonoma- part of the of Pottery Barn corporation has absorbed the Chambers stores into the new Williams Sonoma Home stores- the new Chambers line was just introduced in their catoalogs. No stores open here yet but slated for later this year (higher end PB merchandise). So there won’t be any more Chambers stores.

2) 73rd and 1st: Michael asked “I was wondering if you knew what was going to take the place of the bodega that recently closed on the northeast corner of 73 & 1? i was out of town for four or five days, and on my return i noticed that my corner store was gutted. there wasn’t any notice.”

I’m afraid to report that this one’s a little bit of a mystery right now. 78thand2nd checked in with a few the businesses near this bodega, and shot a call to mgmt of the building, but no light is shed on the store’s quick closing or what’s coming. We’ll follow-up on this soon.

3) 79th and York: Adam asked “something is brewing on the northeast corner of 79 and York, previously inhabited by the Chase bank that moved across York a few months ago.” Anyone have an idea what’s going in?

Adam, there are a couple names being thrown around with regards to the space previously held by Chase Bank — Duane Reade and Northfork Bank. Duane Reade seems logical since they’re right next store and grabbing this spot would expand their floorspace, but some locals claim a Northfork Bank is headed in.

Inside 76th and 2nd


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5 responses to “What’s The Deal With: Old Chambers Store, Bodega On 73rd, 79th & York Revealed

  1. Robert

    Well, it (PBK) is almost as boring as a bank or cell phone store. I’m surprised though…space doesn’t seem big enough for a PBK and there is one about 8 blocks south that doesn’t seem all that busy with customers.

  2. I have info.about the PB Kids store opening on 76th/2nd- it will be called “Threads” and will sell PB Kids’ own line of baby clothing and gifts. It is expected to open this October. No mention of it online at PBKids.com but they put an insert in their latest catalog about it.

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