Upper East Side Best Bars Poll

We’re getting to close to revealing our all-inclusive, neighborhood-wide, ‘Best Bars Poll’ – but you still have time to weigh-in with your thoughts.  Shoot us an email or hit the comments section here, and lets hear your picks for the UES’s best bars and worst bars, the biggest dives, hottest bartenders, worst bouncers, biggest loser hangouts, best for (fill in your favorite team) fans, best places for buy backs – and whatever else comes to mind.

We’ve been collecting opinions for a few weeks now, so here’s a little glimpse at some early favs: Blondie’s is making a strong case in the “Best Place To Watch A Game” category and, sorry American Trash, but you’re nearly an unanimous vote for “Worst Bar Ever.”

Best Bars on the Upper East Side? [78thand2nd]


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