UES Ladies Lingerie Jogger Guy


Recently, 78thand2nd reader ‘awolf’ emailed in and asked: “Why don’t you do a piece on that guy who jogs on the UES in ladies lingerie?”

Excellent question awolf.  I would love to do many, many posts on him.  The problem is that a picture — or even better, video — is really what’s needed in this case.

I guess I could tell about the time 3 weeks ago when i was eating at Bardolino’s sidewalk cafe and he sprinted by — at which point a woman and her child shrieked and two 20-something ‘headed to Brother Jimmys’ types sprinted after him — and lingerie guy basically had everyone on the block mesmerized.  But it’s something you really have to see to believe.  Like the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot, they’ll be doubters until i come up with some hard proof.  Plus a picture will be so much funnier.

 So – please – if anyone out there gets a picture, or video, or knows anything about “UES ladies lingerie jogger guy” please hit the comments section or email me – 78thand2nd@gmail.com.  I’d like to do a post a day on him if possible.


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9 responses to “UES Ladies Lingerie Jogger Guy

  1. JD NYC

    When I used to live on the UES 5+ years ago, I used to see that guy.

    My guess then (assuming its the same guy now) was that it was a wealthy (seem to recall seeing him driving around in a nice car), crazy person named Elliot Offerman who was then a budding member of the Howard Stern Whack Pack. I don’t know if he still appears on the Stern show, but he was pretty annoying.

    My guess is that he would welcome the attention.

  2. just passing thru

    I think it’s Offen, with his(?) myspace page here.

  3. JD NYC

    That’s him. I stand corrected on the last name. “Elegant Elliot” is still around.



    Freak !

  4. marie

    You know, just the other day I saw this guy on the street (just walking) and I thought – hey that guy looks a lot like “the Runner”!!

    It occured to me that I had not seen him in quite some time….and was sort of sad that he wasn’t around anymore.

    Glad that he is still a UES fixture! Some of my favorite spots to watch him go by were the Pablos on 2nd & 82nd and Sushi Generation.

  5. anonymous

    The term “ladies lingerie” implies that there could be men’s lingerie. What’s the big deal? It’s all clothes. Just so he wears nice, matching, clean garments, a little lace–perhaps with some fashion sense–it’s all good. And waaay better than some worn-out ripped sweatshirt that no one wants to see.

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  7. Greg

    I just saw him about 2 weeks ago! I live on 2nd by 76, the whole street just stops when this guy goes by! Every time I see him it’s just tons of fun to look at the ranges of emotions on people’s faces!

  8. Dave

    We just saw this guy last night right outside a the stereo store with that guy who plays the trumpet on Sundays. At first I smelt a weird odor, something like a mix between turpentine and vaseline. Then whoosh, this 6 foot jiggly-buttocked vision in a black thong teddy with greased Howard Stern style hair slicked back, comes jogging by. My kids are with me and my girlfriend and all of our jaws literally dropped. I felt violated! The funny thing was, he looked back at us, like what the hell are you looking at! It was at first just grotesque, but then I saw the humor in it and couldn’t stop laughing for blocks. I told the kids, “that’s NYC for ya!”.

  9. abbey

    we saw him last night at brasserie 360 on the corner of 3rd & e. 60th – is he always that angry? he had the black body-suit thong ensemble on and went for a short jog.

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