What’s The Deal With: Old Chambers Store, Bodega On 73rd, 79th & York

79th and York

Here’s a round-up of recent questions from 78thand2nd readers about neighborhood happenings.  If you’re in the know, please enlighten us all in the comments section.

1) 76th and 2nd: Robert writes “Any idea what is coming to the old Chambers store spot on 76th and 2nd? Heard a rumor that it is leased by the owner of Mo’s Caribbean…hope it is not yet another bank or cell phone store.”

2) 73rd and 1st: Michael asks “I was wondering if you knew what was going to take the place of the bodega that recently closed on the northeast corner of 73 & 1? i was out of town for four or five days, and on my return i noticed that my corner store was gutted. there wasn’t any notice.”

3) 79th and York: Ace reporter Adam writes in “something is brewing on the northeast corner of 79 and York, previously inhabited by the Chase bank that moved across York a few months ago.” Anyone have an idea what’s going in? (the doors of this space are pictured above)

If you can offer some info, hit the comments section! 


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9 responses to “What’s The Deal With: Old Chambers Store, Bodega On 73rd, 79th & York

  1. Robert

    Just a tad more on the Chambers space…since my inquiry, they added a nice painted wooden facade. From memory, it has a message printed on it to the effect of -Something New Coming Soon with a picture that to me looks like a horizontal nautical buoy. I had heard a rumor that it is leased by the same owner of Mo’s Caribbean but given the high-end construction feel, I’m thinking this is not the case. Only guessing. Then again, I can make the Lobster (Mo’s) /Nautical Buoy connection. Hmm.

  2. in_10021

    RE: the chambers space, the logo looks a bit like a diaper pin to me, I assume it will be some type of child/baby store

  3. KelliK

    I think the old Chambers store is going to be baby-oriented in its reincarnation. The “Something New” sign with a diaper pin hints that way.

  4. Robert

    Hah! So much for my buoy interpretation.

  5. masstown

    I heard the old Chase on 79th is going to be part of the Duane Reade next door.

  6. marie

    If they make that old Chase bank on 79th & York a bigger (hence, more crap-tastic..) Duane Reade, I may have to move.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if someone actually surveyed the area and asked residents what we would spend lots & lots of our hard earned dollars on?

    Like, say, a decent Hallmark store, or…do I dare say…a bar/restaurant?

    Whatever…I’ll keep dreaming because I’m sure it will be a nail salon anyway.

  7. Elissia

    Do we know where the chambers folks moved to…I would like to continue shopping at this great store with great products, and great prices.

  8. CK

    Re: the old Chambers store, I asked the managment of it before they closed and they said it’s going to be a Pottery Barn Kid’s clothing store.

  9. ace

    CK- Right on about the PB Kids store. A little more info- Williams Sonoma- part of the of Pottery Barn corporation has absorbed the Chambers stores into the new Williams Sonoma Home stores- the new Chambers line was just introduced in their catoalogs. No stores open here yet but slated for later this year (higher end PB merchandise). So there won’t be any more Chambers stores.

    ps- Does anyone know why the liquor store next to Bardalino has been under renovations for what seems like forever?

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