Update: Sitting In With Curbed

As previously mentioned, I’m sitting in with New York real estate and neighborhoods blog Curbed this week, as part of their month-long guest series that features some local neighborhood bloggers. And below are some of the neighborhood’s recent happenings (and stories I’ve added so far):

· UES Development Watch: 300 East 79th
· UES Bike Lane Update: 90th Street Striped
· UES Development Watch: Hauling Ass on East 95th
· Ask Curbed: There’s a Backhoe in My Backyard
· UES Luxe Showdown: Brompton v. Lucida, Round 2
· The Upper East Side’s Other Great Tower Race
· Where’s Chou: Demo For 78th and 1st?
· Bike-Path War: 91st vs. 89th
· Second Avenue Subway Scene: Phase I of Phase I Complete
· Upper East Side Boozing: Bloomies, Dylan’s Applying for Liquor Licenses (this was an additional post over on Curbed sister site Eater)



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