These Guys Attacked An 81 Year Old


There’s been a disturbing upswing in push-in muggings in the neighborhood in the past 6 months — including an incident in 78thand2nd’s building, about a month ago, when a woman was shoved into her apartment and attacked by a guy who followed her in through the front door of the building.

Helping to move the trend forward, the assholes pictured above, just last week, attacked an 81-year-old man on 86th in a push-in robbery, according to the NY Post.

From the Post:

Dino Stefani was leaving his 18th-floor apartment at First Avenue and 86th Street at 12:35 p.m. last Thursday when the two rushed him and forced him back inside, police said.

Stefani struggled and one of the robbers grabbed his arm so hard he needed 16 stitches to close cuts made by his attacker’s nails, according to cops and family members.

The thieves eventually made off with $500 and are at large, police said.

I’m guessing when you’re 81 that the definition of a good day is sans two guys showing up at your door, beating you up, and robbing you. The picture isn’t great, but if you see two guys who you think are these two — call the cops.


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