91st Street Residents Oppose Bike Path

The city is aiming to double the amount of bike lanes from 200 miles to 400 miles in the next two years, according to this article in the NY Sun (via Gothamist).  (I know – who knew we had any bike lanes?)

The bike plan calls for a path to run from Central Park to East River, and part of this route woud be installed on 91st Street, which between 2nd and 3rd is blocked off from any traffic (these bike paths look like this).  The bike path plan, of course, has residents pissed.

According to the Sun

Since it was closed to vehicles in 1978 and zoned by the city as a “play” street, the quiet block of East 91st Street between Second and Third avenues has become a private promenade for strolling Upper East Side residents, as well as children who play football and skateboard unattended in the street.

“It’s more than just a street to everyone who lives here,” a resident of 35 years, Jane Colton, said yesterday, sitting on the curb with her aging Dalmatian. “It’s what makes our neighborhood special.” The community has even banned running groups from using the street. “We like it dead here,” a community resident of 30 years, Louis DeStephano, said.

Louis, if you’re looking for a someplace that’s really dead, there’s a spot a little further north called Connecticut, and it sounds like it would be a great fit for you.

I think it’s great the 91st Street residents have been able to take a street in the middle of New York City and turn it into their own quaint little private park, built on city property — good for them. But banning running groups? No bike paths? Can the rest of us play or what?

East 91st Street Unhappy About Impending Bike Path [Gothamist]



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2 responses to “91st Street Residents Oppose Bike Path

  1. Frequent reader

    Could you please turn off the Snapshot previews on your website? They’re really annoying and take up space and slow things down. If I want to see what’s in a link, I’ll click on it and open it in a tab. This is a drag.

  2. 78th2nd

    Good call, i flipped it off.

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