Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality Opens…Kind Of


After some delays, workers put the finishing touches on pop star Justin Timberlake’s new BBQ spot, Southern Hospitality, over the weekend — hanging the banner on Saturday, and very unofficially and quietly opening the doors Saturday night with a young gent named Jarod helming the bar.

So what’s on the menu? According to Jarod, nothing yet. 

Despite the 30, or so, in Southern Hospitality Saturday night — who were drinking and hanging out at the bar — the place isn’t actually open until later in the week, although 78thand2nd walked right in (sorry, no camera) and hung out for a minute before inquiring about the menu.

“No menus yet, we’re not really open,” said the bartender, “we going to open Thursday.”

So what’s going on inside?  The walls are lined with N’Sync plaques and a full-sized statue of Jessica Biel greets you at the door.  Ok, actually not.  But it’s a little more bar-oriented than you may have guessed — the first half of the space is lined with a bar on the right side and tables for dinner are towards the back.  Brother Jimmy’s might have something to worry about. 

Southern Hospitality is located at 1460 2nd Avenue, between 76th and 77th.

Update: The Post reports the restaurant will be open Wednesday.


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