Con Ed Prepares Us For Another Blackout?

I’m not trying to beat up on Con Ed, because it’s got to be tough to do your job when someone drives their truck into your workspace and causes two explosions, but I noticed the company posted a statement on their website, titled “Con Edison Prepares For The Heat,” which essentially seems to be preparing New Yorkers for an outage.

From Con Ed:

Con Edison will have extra crews available to respond to any service problems that may arise. Customers are urged to call 1-800-75-CONED or contact the company on its Web site at promptly if they encounter any service difficulties. The company’s home page also provides a link to a new list of 100 energy- and money-saving tips.

So, with temperatures expected to climb into the 90s early this week, what are the chances we have another blackout?

Blackout poll is here.

Con Ed tips are here.


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