Justin Timberlake Sets Up Shop On The Upper East Side


 It finally looks like pop star Justin Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality BBQ restaurant, located on 2nd between 76th and 77th, is getting close to opening.

If you’ve been by the spot in the past couple of months, you’ve probably noticed it’s been in various states of construction. But, in the past few days, there’s been noticeable improvement — the boards and other construction junk were taken down — and it looks like a mid-July opening might actually be happening. The restaurant had previously planned an April debut, according to Zagat.com.

And you have to figure Southern Hospitality will be competing with Brother Jimmy’s BBQ (at least in some fashion, we’ll have to wait to see the menu) which is located one block north – so this should be interesting. Maybe more menu wars are in our future?

At least he’s not opening a sushi place.

Timberlake also co-owns midtown Italian eatery Destino, according to Zagat.


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