78th and 1st Buildings Could Be Demolished


Four adjacent buildings on the corner of 78th and 1st will be demolished to make room for a new upscale, 12 story condo building if a developer gets his way, according to the New York Sun.

The mastermind behind the project, Robert Chou, has a criminal record and a history of Upper East Side building projects — he ran one on 79th a few years ago — that are unsafe and environmentally unsound.

From the NY Sun:

Some participants at a Community Board 8 meeting last week discussed Robert Chou’s criminal record — he has been convicted of bribery and perjury — and said they feared a repeat of what they said were dangerous conditions during the construction of the East 79th Street development three years ago.

The city cited the project for more than 20 environmental violations, including operating a crane in an unsafe manner and failure to safeguard the public from falling debris — and issued fines in excess of $10,000. During construction, two pedestrians sustained minor injuries after a piece of plywood fell from a sidewalk bridge erected at the site.

In all seriousness, one of my main goals in life is to walk the streets of New York without getting hit by debris or plywood, so I can’t say I’m excited that Mr. Chou is spearheading this project.

What I can’t figure out is – what four buildings does he have in mind?  Are they the ones in the above pic, from the southwest corner of 78th and 1st?  If you know, please comment on this post.

I also took note of this quote in the article from David Liston, chairman of the community board 8, which serves residents of the Upper East Side:

Upper East Side residents have high standards for developers who build in the neighborhood, Mr. Liston said. “Noise, traffic, litter, safety issues — on the Upper East Side there’s zero tolerance.”

I have no idea where Liston lives but I’m on 78th and 2nd and I deal with noise, traffic, litter and safety issues on an hourly basis.



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2 responses to “78th and 1st Buildings Could Be Demolished

  1. David J.

    what about the corner of 77th and 1st? is that going to become a high-rise too? hey did you see a resident at 78th and 2nd posted a comment to the sun article.

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