Fox News At 86th Street Subway


Fox News reporter Lisa Cabrera (?) or Linda Schmidt (?) or maybe Andrea Day (?) — someone with a Fox News microphone and a guy holding a Fox News camera showed up at the 86th street subway Tuesday night to interview people.


I briefly overheard the interview and the above gent was talking about “crowd surfing” or “rail surfing” or something like that. I wish I had more, but I was completely distracted and fully pursuing a guy who was perfect for the “Pervs/Psychos/Crazies” category on 78th and 2nd.

Yes, this guy i was trying to catch up with had:
1) Blood on his pants
2) Talked to the palm of his hand on the subway as if it was a live person
3) Laughed hysterically at nothing
4) Had multiple open wounds and scabs that he was picking which led to #1..

But best of all, he kept howling like Chewbacca — big, full howls that left you a little shaken — and he was completely worthy of a full post, but i’m sad to say i came up short and couldn’t get a decent shot.  But this will give you an idea.



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