Figaro Set To Re-open Today


Figaro Pizza, located at 1469 2nd Ave., between 76th and 77th, has been closed the past few days — I was betting the house on a Dept. Of Health shut down — but apparently the pizza place is getting a new coat of paint and will re-open today.

The sign on the front door:


Figaro’s pizza is decent and cheap if you can get something fresh out of the oven, but that’s as likely as getting struck by lightning while winning the lottery. But, if you’re drunk and stumbling down the block from Brother Jimmy’s, does it really matter that the pizza has been sitting on the counter for hours? Of course not.  That actually may have been a key point in their business plan.

If this was 2005, Figaro would be getting visits from the NYPD who are trying to crack a serial rapist case.

From Slice NY:

it seems like cops are looking at a pizza deliveryman as a suspect in the “Spider Man Rapist” case. The heinous perp in these assaults has been climbing down fire escapes into open windows, assualting women, and then using some sort of wire system to lower himself down to the ground. The deliveryman cops are investigating, Eugenio Aguilar, is out on bail and delivering pizzas for Figaro Pizza (1469 Second Ave., b/n 76th and 77th Streets).


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