Want Paris Hilton’s Ass?

I don’t either, but Dr. Brad Jacobs seems to be the guy to call if this ever sounds like a good idea to you. Dr. Jacobs is the UES plastic surgeon who allegedly did all this. And while all that is disturbing, below is something equally disturbing if you’re of sound mind. It’s a procedure Dr. J has dubbed “Star Butts” which he unveiled last November at his upper east side office.

According to The Columbia Journalist:

By taking fat from a patient’s upper hips, purifying it, and then injecting it into the patient’s butt, Jacobs says he can “customize the buttocks” to match Paris Hilton’s or even Eva Longoria’s. The popular procedure, also known as a Brazilian butt lift, has been renamed by Jacobs to convey his added artistry. He calls it “Star Butts.”

I’d recommend anyone considering this procedure to inquire deeply on what the doc calls “added artistry,” because he allegedly has been known to super-size body parts on occasion.

The doc is fighting the claims against him.

What A Boob [New York Post]


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One response to “Want Paris Hilton’s Ass?

  1. nina stein

    dr jacobs fixed my breasts
    they were horribly deformed by another doc
    it is shame what happened to him

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