“Upper East Side Rich White Vanilla”

Take offense to that?

It’s the name of one of the offerings from local boutique ice cream company 5 Boroughs Ice Cream. The company ran into hot water today due to the name given to another one of their flavors – “Staten Island Landfill.”

Kim and Scott Myles, the Queens couple who founded 5 Boroughs said they intended no harm with “Landfill” name, according to AP.  But Staten Island borough president James Molinaro is ppiisssseeeddddd off.  He says the moniker is “insulting and derogatory,” and he’s calling for a boycott. 

Via AP:

“The stereotyping of our community is as ignorant as it is hurtful,” the infuriated politician wrote. “Even the most basic research effort would easily reveal the positive qualities that truly define our community.”

Hey dude, you live in Staten Island, feel lucky they remembered you.  Every time I’m in a conversation that includes listing the boroughs it goes something like this:

“The five boroughs?  Yeah, there’s Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and…….ah….hmmm.”

And 30 minutes later someone says “the landfill place…ah…Staten Island.”

More accounts of anger:
Pol: Say No To ‘Staten Island Landfill’ Ice Cream [CBS]
Politican Soured on Trashy Dessert [NY Times]



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