Mexican Menu War Escalates

It’s on now.

Quick recap. Mary Ann’s, the mexican restaurant between 78th and 79th on 2nd, closed down. Once the windows were boarded up at Mary Ann’s, menus for Santa Fe, another mexican restaurant just around the corner from Mary Ann’s, were taped to the windows of Mary Ann’s and read “Go To Santa Fe.” (Santa Fe – 1, Mary Ann’s – 0)

Then yesterday morning, the Santa Fe menus were down, and posters for Mary Ann’s specials — to a restaurant that no longer exists — were up in the window.  (Santa Fe – 1, Mary Ann’s – 1!)

Now this: 


Yeah, so now Santa Fe’s menus are back up — taped OVER the Mary Ann’s specials poster, on the windows of defunct Mary Ann’s.

Is it me, or is Santa Fe spending too much time worrying about guerilla marketing? This is probably why Santa Fe’s food sucks and why I paid $11 for a tin of lettuce one time — they called it a taco salad, I called a sucky meal.

My advice to Santa Fe — stop being dicks and stop taping shit on Mary Ann’s windows. 


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