Very Exciting, Special Election! There’s An Election Tomorrow

There’s a special election tomorrow to fill the Assembly seat of the  65th District (that’s us, UESers), vacated by Alexander B. Grannis, who recently became commissioner of the State Department of Environmental Conservation.
Grannis was a longtime Democratic incumbent and the Republicans are hoping to gain some ground here by taking back a seat in a traditionally Republican neighborhood, that’s become increasingly Democratic over the last ten years according to the Times.
Here they are folks. Tomorrow these two square off in the election:
In one corner – the Republican, Gregory Camp, 45 – a former Manhattan assistant district attorney who most recently served as deputy director of the State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

He seems to be a confused guy – despite being Republican, the Times says he supports things like gun control, abortion rights and same-sex marriage. I know people who are Republicans, and they would call someone who supported those things “a Democrat” and they say would say things like “I hate that person” and “I bet that person is poor.”

And in the other corner – the Democrat, Micah Z. Kellner, 28 – a former aide to United States Representative Carolyn B. Maloney who currently works as a community liaison for the New York City comptroller.

Some might characterize Kellner as confused as well — he’s bi-sexual, according to The New York Blade.  The Blade goes on to say he “fully supports the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, Dignity for All Students Act and the Marriage Equality Bill, according to the Pride Agenda.” 

I have no idea who’s experience is better because I have no idea what an Assembly person really does, but a quick Google search revealed that they spend a good portion of their time serving up in Albany, so they both must really want the job if they’re willing to work up there (psst, Albany sucks.)

Also, I saw Kellner on the corner of 77th and 2nd one morning about two weeks ago, shaking hands with people and saying hi. His handlers seemed a little creepy —  a little too “HEY, COME MEET MICAH!” — but i would guess they need to be that way. At least he was out there.  No word on whether or not Camp made it out.

The election is tomorrow.  A comprehensive article on what’s going on is here.


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