Massages, Plastic Products, Vegetables And More – It’s Street Fair 2007!

If you were out on Sunday you noticed that 2nd was shut down for this really awesome Street Fair.  Name one other place you can go to get cars, popcorn, cheesecake, cotton socks, thai food and mops.  Didn’t think so.



But the eclectic and completely counter intuitive offerings of the Street Fair (hey, is that a stand that sells snow shovels and carrots?  awesome!) couldn’t distract you enough to forget that it was friggin pouring.  

 Here’s a guy taking down Street Fair balloons — damn you, rain. 


I spoke with a gent who was running the white water rafting kiosk — if you’re interested in participating in the Street Fair as a vendor, he said to go here or Google “street fairs new york” and you should be able to figure it out.


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