Doorman Gets Scammed For 90G

Oh, come on.  Don’t be mean to retired, old people. 

Monique Mitchell, 23, allegedly scammed retired doorman, Michael Ward, 74, out of $90,000 after the two started some sort of relationship following a chance meeting on the Upper East Side (66th Street). She then absconded with the money according to the N.Y. Post.

From the Post: 

Eventually “she told me she loved me. I really liked her,” Ward told The Post. “I just wanted a companion. I’m here by myself all day. It’s lonely.”

Mitchell, of Elizabeth, N.J., allegedly told him she needed money for cancer treatment – so Ward wrote her a check for $30,000, authorities said. Over the course of several weeks, he handed over another $56,000 for more “treatments,” according to a source in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. In October 2005, when Mitchell asked for $100,000 more, Ward declined. 

After that, she disappeared.

He finally went to police in April.

She apparently showed back up to get more money from Ward last week and police nabbed her. 

Hey, Mike, buddy.  They got her.  Now, let’s keep that cash locked up. 

 Moving forward, if any new acquaintances tell you they have cancer and need treatment — point at that the nearest chemo facility and wish ’em luck.


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