‘Socialite’ Gets Community Service, Watch Your Checkbook On 64th

I have no idea who Dori Cooperman is, or why she looks so happy in this photo when she basically got caught stealing, but if you live on 64th street, I suggest you keep a close eye on your checkbook.
According to the Post, Cooperman lives in the same East 64th Street building as David Spivak, and a check Spivak wrote to his ex-wife ended up in Cooperman’s bank account.

From the Post:
“Dori Cooperman has caught a break in a Connecticut court. If the “socialite” keeps her nose clean for two years, prosecutors will dismiss criminal charges that she swiped an Upper East Side neighbor’s $4,300 check and deposited it. Cooperman also owes 100 hours of community service under the special probation”

Whatever.  If you ask me this girl has the most awesome bank account ever — checks written to other people just show up in hers!  I want this checking account.  It’s like magic…only, in reality, your rich neighbor is committing felonies by grabbing the checks you write and depositing them in her account – dreams do come true.   


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