Mary Ann’s Shuts Down, Santa Fe Sticks Menus On Boarded Windows



Mary Ann’s, which seemed bent on serving crappy food at high prices (awesome!), has closed.  No word on why the Mexican spot, which was located on 2nd just north of 78th on the northwest side, shut down or what’s going on yet. The few times I was there I was disappointed — but if these CitySearch reviews inspire you at all, you can still try them out at a few other locations around the city.


And the folks at Mary Ann’s competition — Santa “we offer sucky Mexican food at bad prices too” Fe — located just off the block on 79th and 2nd, seem pretty broken up about it.  And by “broken up” I mean they taped their menus to the boarded up windows at Mary Ann’s and wrote “Go To Santa Fe” on them.  That’s some nieghborly love.





And no, I don’t always complain, there is good, semi-cheap neighborhood Mexican food here.


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