Lil’ Slash Fights Malaria


Girlfriend and I were walking around the neighborhood last Sunday (a little old – sorry – camera probs) when we stumbled on this kid rocking out to Guns N Roses, Black Sabbath and Hendrix right by 82nd and 2nd.

From the sign taped to the fence where he was playing:

“I am playing guitar to raise money for those suffering from Malaria in Africa. $10 can buy one Malaria net to protect people form disease carrying mosquitoes. Any amount of money is accepted, 100% of proceeds go to Nothing But Nets, a charity funded by The United Nations Foundation. Thank You for stopping by.”


I asked him a few quick questions but he was giving me a “hey dickhead, I’m playing here” look and to be honest, despite being there with Girlfriend, I felt a little pervy trying to get a sit-down with a 13 year old boy.

Here’s the site he was sending people to.


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